This short story was told by Defloration TV female subscriber.

I remember smiling when he was deep inside me, and I expected the pain to face (brief flash of heat and her barrier rent or so the novels all say, right?) but when he slid out and back in, it still hurt. I knew it felt good for him, though, so I smiled at him through the pain, and pushed my hips against him. He thrust against me, and the pain began to mix with pleasure. I started to moan, and the sound seemed to drive him closer to the edge, so I just let go, moaning and calling his name, shoving against him when he slid inside me. Soon, he cried out my name and sagged against me. We fell asleep like that, still joined, with my blood drying on our skin.

The next morning, my (ex) boyfriend came over to see his best friend and I was still in the bed… I ran into the shower before he could see me. I remember washing my pussy, and feeling the soreness, inserting a finger and feeling the difference inside me. I was able to sneak off without him knowing, and I walked around for the rest of the day just a little sore, knowing that I would never be the same.
The first time is such an amazing experience for a woman…. I wish I could repeat it – that feeling of stretching and pain, the reality of sex, the first time. Enjoy the site, folks – I have. It’s a precious moment.

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