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Ok, they agreed to shoot the defloration video, but cameraman realized that her boyfriend was very shy to do it and offered him some Viagra at once!!! Brave boy said he would be all right and wouldn’t need any sexual booster, wow. Ops,  cameraman was right, the first shooting day was a complete failure, not every man can have sex before camera, so Liza’s hymen was untouched that day, poor babe, her virgin pussy dreamed about sex so much! She was very enthusiastic, but it was all in vain. Her face was blazing with desire and she was looking at other men in the studio in such a provocative way… So photographer hastened them to the door and they agreed that they would come again tomorrow and will try break her hymen more. Viagra made the trick and the next day our passionate Blueberry lost her innocence and was moaning heavily under a shy inexperienced guy. Wanna watch this incredible video and photos? So what are you waiting for?

This is some pictures of Liza’s defloration:
Liza Blueberry – first time sex
Defloration scene of pretty Liza

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