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Vivien long time did not dare at this responsible step, not every girl can show to the whole world how her hymen break, but nevertheless has agreed. She faced to a mirror, looking at her the innocent body for last time, and as though spoke good-bye to virgin Vivien. So, time to start, but before defloration the photographer take some hot pictures of her still intact hymen close up.
All has begun. A light room, pleasant music, Vivien and her first man. They kissed, he gently caressed her tender maiden breast by hands, easily touching with the most desired and hot parts of her excited body, kissed her warm virgin pussy. Her lover was very gentle with her and Vivien has loved him. Vivien Piaf has been so keen on the lover, that at all did not pay attention to cameramans which filmed her first sexual scene. She has felt that her virgin flesh is ready to let him to go inside. And he has entered, gently and softly, hard erected cock splited her wet pussy lips and  continued to move untill felt the hymen, Vivien let him move more deeper and he did it, hymen was broken. She felt a pain, some blood apeared around her pussy lips, but Vivien tried not to pay attention to this to completely take pleasure frem her first sexual coition. They continued to move to a step to full satisfaction. All has finished, and only a some virgin blood on his dick reminded her about virginity.
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