(How to break hymen right.)
Many of the men asked the girl after they got her for first fuck – “Are you sure that you hymen was intact?”. That is becouse the men heard to many stories about hymen defloration – that for young woman their first fuck like something dramatic and traumatic. This stoties told that the girl feel pain, than more pain, then a pop and many many hymen blood leave her pussy. As you know in many culture the hymen blood have to appear on the marriage sheet, only in this case marriage is valid. Even novadays many guys expect the such scenario when they going to fuck the virgin girl for first time, and many of them not finding the tons of blood or whose lovers don’t feel any pain start to wonder tha girl’s hymen was really untouched. But you have to know that first time not always to be painful or hymen blood appears as result. Actualy if this not happen that mind that the man done this right.
Actualy, if you want to know that your girl is virgin, you must check her hymen before firts fuck and not after you have sex. The hymen is a fleshly membrane wich cover the enter to vagina, hymen is very flexible and it can stretch. It’s can be different in each woman: some of it large and cover lot of opening, some is small. Some girl haven’t hymen. First and biggest myth that the hymen cover the vagina entry and don’t let you enter inside if not be piersed, bull shit. If you go to penetrate hymen it feel like a very tight fit to both of you. You girl will feel that it stratching tightly, and, as your hard dick its repeated pokes at the pussy, or if you are lucky enough to penetrate slowly and keep to move your cherysplitter first dipper into the pussy than shalower, depper, shalower, the cherry hymen not pierced but rubbed out.

Because the chery hymen can stretch to much, you can break her hymen without (or minimum) pain. For this you and your girl have to make sure that few things occur:
  •  – Both partners must do it very slowly;
  •  – You and you partner have to use plenty of lube;
  •  – Don’t stop to raise her – keep her hot always;
  •  – Be very delicate, hear that tells her body;
  •  – You must tell her early what you will do. Convince her that the act of defloration can be pleasurable, ask her to help you by letting you sign when to stop if she will get discomfort and when you can continue your moves again when she horned up. 
  •   – First insert your finger into pussy – and try work by it, then few fingers, and only finally you can insert your penis.
    If you virgin girl start feeling the pain you have to stop your moves, you must shift your focus from trying break her hymen to getting her more hot, more aroused. Same thing you must remember when you are seducing girl for anal sex.
If you want penetrate virgin hymen you have to keep in your head this two things:
  •  – Your focus is getting the girl hot always and keep her on that way.
  •  – You have to undestand that entry without pain will come soon or little later – I understand that you can’t wait but try.
You must be concenrated on getting her hot and relaxing her pussy, and never forget about another places which can get her horny – her nipples, lips and other erotic zones. From time to time swith her attention from the pussy to her nipples, neak or lips. But when you kissing her lips or nipples don’t stop to carees her pussy using your free hands. The horniest you made your girl, the more her pussy is going to swell, and it get more wet. The flower juices helps to slide into her virginal cherry and make it ready for hymen defloration. Natural juices it’s very good but not afraid to add a little pharmaceutical lubricants to the natural wetness before you are enter.
Lubrication, lubrication and lubrication it’s the reason of any intercourse – vaginal, anal or oral. Without lube any intercourse sometimes painfull. A moist hymen can stretch more than dry, and dry hymen can just tear and cause pain.
Patience, patience and more patience – this is your most valuable tool. Someone of you can break the hymen easy, for other it can take few sessions before a smooth, painless entry comes about. Be patience. 
The rhythm of your moves must be instant – arouse her, tease her, knoch at the virgin hole, retreat – repeat it again. Following this rules you will find that each time the head of your penis knocking the moist pussy is wider, become flexible and receptive. That is right way how to enter into her virgin hole – smooth, tight and painless.

Happy cherry popping my dear deflorators.