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Her hobby is cycling. She was very young when got ride a bike for the first time. Usually people experience loss of balance when riding a bicycle for the first time… Liza got her first orgasm. Not only the clitoris itself is the sensitive part of her virgin vagina. That sensitive part ranges from the clitoris to the entry to her vagina. When she get ride the bike she experienced that unspeakable voluptuous feeling that precedes an orgasm. She went down from a hill over hummocks and didn’t turn the pedals. That incredible feeling rose and frozen her legs, the bottom part of her stomach and buttocks… From the outside it looked like she just can’t ride the bike. Finally she got a very strong orgasm…  she thought that lose consciousness and felt to bushes. Her friends helped her to stand up and bring home.
At home in the bathroom she noticed that the panties are covered by some strange mucus. She touched the vagina and was griped by an incredible feeling that she never felt before. Liza sit to the bottom of the shower cabin and begun to slowly run her fingers over the clitoris. She quietly moaned and bet her pussy lips. She wanted to get the finger deeper and deeper into the pussy, and she did it! She felt the elastic edges of the hymen and it extremely excited her. She wanted to get in two fingers. She even wanted to hurt herself a bit. She definitely wanted to have rude sex, just didn’t know what is it. That was the second orgasm in her life.
She told about that to her sister, who is only two years older than Liza. She smiled and told that does it very often… Liza was happy, a new epoch had began in her life. She used to masturbate tree times per day! You can noticed this from her stretched hymen, but anyway her hymen is still intact!
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