May 2006

Broken Hymen
Young Russian model Anna Ribalko!
Anna living in the village in Siberia! She is 18 years old and she still virgin. Till now we didn’t see the Siberian girls on our site! She does not have any sexual experience. She only love martubate. Every time she goes to bed she play with her young plump pussy. She love to fuck herself very fast and hard with her nice fingers and imagined that it was a hard cock! But Anna never lose control fucking herself, and never insert her finger or anything through the hymen (she don’t want to be deflorated by herself). Once she came to the cow barn and was played with the cow udder, dreaming that is a male penis. Next day she take the cow teat into her mouth, and moved it slowly and tender like a warm throbbing penis into her mouth. To hard to imagine this young girl with such sexual desires is still virgin. Anna arrive to photostudio, because she wanted to break the hymen right now, she is tired from her virginity. When her hymen will broken she would be able to use the dildo and insert her fingers deep in the pussy! She did’t want wait any more, she was horny for it. Anna told  that her desire to have her young pussy fucked hard and deep every day. But Anna does not have a boy friend in her small village. That is why she came to Defloration TV studio. NP! This men were only happy to break her hymen before the camera! Anna’s fresh hymen  was filmed on video before defloration and then act of defloration was filmed too. Her act of defloration available for your viewing in the Defloration TV member section!
hanna and ricardo
Hanna and Ricardo.
This girl is 20 years old only. Hanna living in Prague. Very beautiful virgin girl with greater sensual eyes and a beautiful body. Hanna has a small secret. She lost her virginity in 18 years, with the former guy. But she told that her hymen was restored. She just have a new boy. She just tell him that her hymen still virgin and he believes. (In studio her hymen was verified).  They are going to get married in the near future. Therefore they have decided to film the act of defloration on video. They wished to remember this day for all life. But first Hanna asked the photographer to make some photos of her virgin hymen close up. Only after that shooting of defloration has begun. After Ricardo has inserted the penis into her vagina Hanna has shuddered a little, but has not stopped it. Around vagina there was a virgin blood. Hanna has reached orgasm more quickly, but Ricardo did not stop until from his penis sperm has not scattered.  The operator masterful filmed this act of defloration on video. So we have new pictures and video of broken hymen. At the Defloration TV you can see full movie in High Definition quality of Hanna’s defloration. And of course many another girls who lose virginity in front of the camera. Defloration TV – This unique place where you can see the real hymen close up, real act of defloration and most beautiful virgin pussy in the net.
Virgin Sveta
Meet new Russian  model. Her name is Svetlana Gorbacheva. This virgin beauty is 18 years old. Svetlana  very sensual girl. Pure virgin, haven’t no sex contact with man and woman. She told that never posed naked earlier and does not wish while to lose virginity. Her hymen was verified before  photosession started. At first Sveta refused to allow shoot her nude! And photographer make some pictures of a part of her plump virgin pussy using special light effects and transparent panties. The pictures was excellent. Before photosession was finished Sveta felt that her young pussy get wet. She has removed the panty and asked the photographer to continue to photograph her masturbation. She touched the clitoris and inserted fingers inside virgin pussy up to hymen. Then stopped and again began with clitoris. Other hand she caressed the maiden breast. Certainly it managed to film her untouched hymen close up. Excellent photos and video have been made that day. Do not pass an opportunity to see her virgin cherry. Such it is possible to see not often.
In many cultures untouched hymen is more than womans beautifull eyes, her nice smile, or her strong personality that makes the woman a desirable bride. It is instead the presence of a women’s hymen, something which can affect her marriage prospects, her family’s reputation, and even her very life. For such women hymen repair surgery may actually provide an escape from many social troubles. What is hymen you are know allready. Biologicaly function of the women hymen is uncertain; many scientists hypothesize  hymen protects the vagina from infection in infants. The social function of the hymen is a mythical sign of virginity in some cultures. Upon first intercourse, a woman’s hymen ruptures and bleeds. The showing of a bloody sheet is highly celebrated in some cultures because it shows the purity of a woman and the virility of a man.
In these eastern societies, the virginity is valued for many reason – religious, social, economic etc. Example, the Koran (muslim holy book), says that the bride must be a virgin. In Chineze culture, the woman’s virginity determines the amount of betrothal gifts. The innocence of the hymen is very important for families of prestige who try to keep the family lineage non-contaminated.

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hymen close upNew Defloration TV’s model, Monika!
This young virgin is 18 years old. Monica is from Budapest. Monica has a boyfriend but she still virgin. She not ready to lose her virginity now. In iterview Monica told that she love to masturbate by her finger when she stay home alone. She love to play with clitoris but never insert the fingers or something inside her virgin pussy she afraid to break her hymen by it. She had oral sex experience with boyfriend only. Monica allow him to leak her clitoris and innocent pussy and she had blow up his young erected penis. Together thay had make amateur pictures of her pussy and untouched hymen by camera in her phone. And now Monica decide to make professional nude photosession. She allow to shoot everything – her young tits, plump virgin pussy and of course her untouched hymen. Her masturbation was videotaped too, no defloration, sorry.  I think you will love how the photographer captured her innocence. In member area added new pictures very big format of Monica’s hymen close-up. HD video included too. So will waitig for new hymen and defloration pictures and video.
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Vera's hymenOne more virgin girl Vera. Interresting story about this young lady. About year Vera had working for the owner of Defloration TV studio as make-up artist. She had work with every model on this site and saw all their hymen and defloration procedure. And now she surprised photographer by telling that her pussy is a virgin and she never had sexual contact with a man. Its some strange because Vera is 26 years old she is beautifull and has a very firm body. No one can belive that her hymen is untouched yet. Then Vera told that she have sex with girsl only and never uses a dildo. She prefer oral sex with girls. Of course virginity was verified immediately. Her hymen was little scretched by finders but absolutely virgin. She offered to let take some nude pictures of her. She agreed posing nude, she let make great pictures and video of her pussy. When girl open the pussy lips you can see her virgin hymen. She agree also to masturbate before camera. She make it very tender to not break her hymen. Nice pictures of Vera’s hymen close up you can find at the Defloration TV. Unfortunately no defloration was made. So Vera still virgin, may be some one of us breack her hymen in future. Umm… Lucky Boy.
Hi my dear virgin pussy lovers!
There is some information about hymen defloration you have to know. Not every girl bleeding during their defloration. The case if girl not bleeding during her defloration can be explained by the fact that some women have a hymen sufficiently open and not really vascularized! In some traditions, Not bleeding girl during her first penetration (defloration) consider as not virgin and this can be true but it can also be absolutely wrong! (Hymen tissue simply stretches during penetration rather than tear and bleed). Moreover, it is difficult to know if a girl is still virgin, even with a gynecological checking, cause hymens (virgin membrane) are anatomically different from one to another and some girls does have an almost non-existent hymen. And finally, it is very important to understand that hymen is not a impermeable membrane and your girl have a risk pregnancy if you did ejaculate at the entrance of her pussy even if there was no defloration and no tearing of the hymen because spermatozoid on the hymen can penetrate into the pussy and go up the uterus.
So good luck. Be carefull.
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Maria deflorationHi! New Real Act of Defloration for you. Maria and her boyfriend John. Maria is 18 year old brunette with beautiful face and body. She is virgin girls with untouched hymen. In interview Maria  agreed for a nude photo only, she allow to shoot her virgin hymen too, but no defloration. But John purpose her make nude photo and video session together. Maria agreed. Maria and John planning on getting married in 2 months. They ask to leave they together. After maria talking with John she agreed to make act of defloration before the camera. Its like a marriage alboom for a long memmories.  Next day they came in to shoot the video. John was a little nervous (only one in a thousand men can perform in an adult video, It is because other man is watching his penis), he never make sex and break any hymen yet. But one Viagra pill and no problem. Great video of innocent hymen and then act of defloration was made! So one more cherry being popped! Full set of Maria’s defloration pictures and video you can find on Defloration TV.

Here is review of Maria by Defloration TV subscriber:

“This is the best defloration movie I have ever seen. It is obvious that they are not professionals, but two young people in love. They are embarrassed by you being there. The way he fondles her at the beginning is awkward, and gave me a smile. Like a virgin boy trying to have sex for the first time. Great. Guys remember their first time also. I liked the way you shot her while he was licking her pussy. It was a good clear view of his licking, and her dream-like facial expression.

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Maria Afrodite
defloration afrodite
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Agi Puncikova
defloration agi
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Eva defloration
defloration eva
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