October 2006

dasha-defloration.jpgHi guys! More pictures of virgin girl for your pleasure will posted today as I have promised in the previous post about Dasha. This is just some additional free galleries of virgin Dasha. The teen girl which hymen was broken before our eyes by careless movement of the photographer (check it at the Defloration TV). And of course you remember how she showed the chick laying an eggs on the nest, it was great show. Look at this young untouched body, its perfect. I know nothing better than young tender girl posing for you, and you know that no one man saw her nude before – you first. Of course it is softcore galleries only, pictures and movies with the act of defloration or zoomed hymen is in Defloration TV member’s area only. Welcome to the Defloration TV, exclusive place – one and only in the web where you will find never seen before pictures of intact hymen and even defloration video in the best quality you know. Click the picture or links below to view the galleries.
Gallery #2 – Virgin Dasha posing nude
Gallery #3 – Innocent Dasha plays with her pussy
hymen defloration
Today we shall lead small excursion to the past, to the 2001 year. Look at this pretty virgin girl. Her name is Rita, she is from Budapest. She was 18 years old in 2001 when she meet the Serguey Affanasiev – the photographer of Defloration TV. She  was innocent, her cherry was untouched and no one man touch her virgin body yet. It was not too easy to persuade her posing naked or show her pussy to the cameraman. But he did it. And after long interview she agreed not only pose but break her hymen for Defloration TV site. Rita was one of the first girls who has signed the agreement on loss of virginity before objectives of cameras, and one of the first who allowed take the pictures of her intact hymen. Worried all. Rita worried because anybody did not touch to it earlier. The photographer worried because had no enough experience in work with innocent girls. But all this in the past. Her cherry was popped by a big yellow dildo, she felt the pain and some defloration blood was appeared around her young pussy. It was birth new niche in porn industry – defloration porn. Full collection of Rita’s defloration materials (There are 286 HQ pictures and lot of HQ movies), include her virgin hymen pictures and hymen defloration movie, you will find in the Defloration TV archives. Thanks to Rita for this great work. 
Hi guys. No hymen pictures or act of defloration will post today. This is just very funny and hot video for you. Have you ever seen how the chicks lays an edds? Can you imagine how the young girl will do that? How do you think – from what place this eggs will appears? No? So you must see this video clip, where young pretty chick lays an eggs!  This is just a little addition to my previous post about young virgin Dasha from Chezh Republic, who was posing nude before camera and showing her intact hymen for us, and how her hymen was broken in the Defloration TV studio by the photographer’s finger. This video was made after her defloration in the same place where the Dasha’s cherry was popped. Full screen video with this and other defloration action you can find in the Defloration TV member’s area only. Just have a funn!

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