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The act of losing one’s virginity, that is, of a first sexual experience, is commonly considered within many cultures to be an important life event and a rite of passage. The loss of virginity can be viewed as a milestone in a person’s life. In human females, the hymen is a membrane, part of the vulva, which partially occludes the entrance to the vagina, and which stretches, or is sometimes torn, when the woman first engages in sexual intercourse. It can also be broken by cycling, horseback riding, or gymnastics. The human hymen can vary widely in thickness, shape, and flexibility. Throughout history, the presence of an intact membrane has been seen by many as physical evidence of virginity in the broader technical sense. The presence of a hymen is a possible indication, but no guarantee, of virginity, given that some degree of sexual activity may occur without rupturing the hymen, the hymen may be broken through means other than sexual, and because there may exist varying definitions as to the type and extent of sexual activity that is considered by a person to terminate the state of “virginity”.   This is further complicated by the availability of hymenorrhaphy surgical procedures to repair or replace the hymen. It is a common belief that some women simply lack a hymen, but doubt has been cast on this by a recent study. In the majority of women, the hymen is sufficiently vestigial as to pose no obstruction to the entryway of the vagina. The presence of a broken hymen may therefore indicate that the vagina has been penetrated but also that it was broken via physical activity or the use of a tampon or dildo. Read the rest of this entry »

(How to break hymen right.)
Many of the men asked the girl after they got her for first fuck – “Are you sure that you hymen was intact?”. That is becouse the men heard to many stories about hymen defloration – that for young woman their first fuck like something dramatic and traumatic. This stoties told that the girl feel pain, than more pain, then a pop and many many hymen blood leave her pussy. As you know in many culture the hymen blood have to appear on the marriage sheet, only in this case marriage is valid. Even novadays many guys expect the such scenario when they going to fuck the virgin girl for first time, and many of them not finding the tons of blood or whose lovers don’t feel any pain start to wonder tha girl’s hymen was really untouched. But you have to know that first time not always to be painful or hymen blood appears as result. Actualy if this not happen that mind that the man done this right.
Actualy, if you want to know that your girl is virgin, you must check her hymen before firts fuck and not after you have sex. The hymen is a fleshly membrane wich cover the enter to vagina, hymen is very flexible and it can stretch. It’s can be different in each woman: some of it large and cover lot of opening, some is small. Some girl haven’t hymen. First and biggest myth that the hymen cover the vagina entry and don’t let you enter inside if not be piersed, bull shit. If you go to penetrate hymen it feel like a very tight fit to both of you. You girl will feel that it stratching tightly, and, as your hard dick its repeated pokes at the pussy, or if you are lucky enough to penetrate slowly and keep to move your cherysplitter first dipper into the pussy than shalower, depper, shalower, the cherry hymen not pierced but rubbed out.

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In many cultures untouched hymen is more than womans beautifull eyes, her nice smile, or her strong personality that makes the woman a desirable bride. It is instead the presence of a women’s hymen, something which can affect her marriage prospects, her family’s reputation, and even her very life. For such women hymen repair surgery may actually provide an escape from many social troubles. What is hymen you are know allready. Biologicaly function of the women hymen is uncertain; many scientists hypothesize  hymen protects the vagina from infection in infants. The social function of the hymen is a mythical sign of virginity in some cultures. Upon first intercourse, a woman’s hymen ruptures and bleeds. The showing of a bloody sheet is highly celebrated in some cultures because it shows the purity of a woman and the virility of a man.
In these eastern societies, the virginity is valued for many reason – religious, social, economic etc. Example, the Koran (muslim holy book), says that the bride must be a virgin. In Chineze culture, the woman’s virginity determines the amount of betrothal gifts. The innocence of the hymen is very important for families of prestige who try to keep the family lineage non-contaminated.

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Hi my dear virgin pussy lovers!
There is some information about hymen defloration you have to know. Not every girl bleeding during their defloration. The case if girl not bleeding during her defloration can be explained by the fact that some women have a hymen sufficiently open and not really vascularized! In some traditions, Not bleeding girl during her first penetration (defloration) consider as not virgin and this can be true but it can also be absolutely wrong! (Hymen tissue simply stretches during penetration rather than tear and bleed). Moreover, it is difficult to know if a girl is still virgin, even with a gynecological checking, cause hymens (virgin membrane) are anatomically different from one to another and some girls does have an almost non-existent hymen. And finally, it is very important to understand that hymen is not a impermeable membrane and your girl have a risk pregnancy if you did ejaculate at the entrance of her pussy even if there was no defloration and no tearing of the hymen because spermatozoid on the hymen can penetrate into the pussy and go up the uterus.
So good luck. Be carefull.
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O HYMEN! O hymenee! Why do you tantalize me thus?
O why sting me for a swift moment only?
Why can you not continue? O why do you now cease?
Is it because, if you continued beyond the swift moment, you would soon certainly kill me?

(Walt Whitman)

Q. What is Hymen?
A. The hymen is a thin, fleshy membrane that in some girls and young women is found at the opening to the vagina. It has a central perforation, which can be round or elongated, through which menstrual blood will flow. It is also called “maidenhead”.
Q. Is hymen an evidence of virginity?
A. For a long time, it was believed that an intact hymen was evidence of a girl’s virginity, as the hymen posed a barrier to sexual intercourse.

Some girls who are still virgins have no hymen at all.
Also there have been some cases in which girls who have had several sexual intercources had an intact Hymen. This condition is also called as elastic hymen. A minor surgical procedure should remove the hymen is such cases as elastic hymens sometimes do cause pain during sexual intercourse.

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