Zhanet Defloration
This horny girls name is Zhannet. When she come to our studio she was ready to lose her virginity. But she was too quiet and little skared, shy girl who still lived at home. She was virgin still becouse she was afraid pain. She many time had seen her hymen in a hand mirror and knew that it may be hurt a lot when a big cock forced its way into her small pussy. She afraid to be disappointed for first time love if her partner will too eager and inexperienced. So she wanted a man who know how to take her cherry carrefully with no pain, only with pleasure. She felt that a man would take her cherry gently and slowly, with a minimum of pain.
We wasted no time in finding a professional for her. It was Woodman an adult movie actor. When we told him that his next video would be with a real virgin girl, he offered to perform for free!

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This short story was told by Defloration TV female subscriber.

I remember smiling when he was deep inside me, and I expected the pain to face (brief flash of heat and her barrier rent or so the novels all say, right?) but when he slid out and back in, it still hurt. I knew it felt good for him, though, so I smiled at him through the pain, and pushed my hips against him. He thrust against me, and the pain began to mix with pleasure. I started to moan, and the sound seemed to drive him closer to the edge, so I just let go, moaning and calling his name, shoving against him when he slid inside me. Soon, he cried out my name and sagged against me. We fell asleep like that, still joined, with my blood drying on our skin.

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O HYMEN! O hymenee! Why do you tantalize me thus?
O why sting me for a swift moment only?
Why can you not continue? O why do you now cease?
Is it because, if you continued beyond the swift moment, you would soon certainly kill me?

(Walt Whitman)

Q. What is Hymen?
A. The hymen is a thin, fleshy membrane that in some girls and young women is found at the opening to the vagina. It has a central perforation, which can be round or elongated, through which menstrual blood will flow. It is also called “maidenhead”.
Q. Is hymen an evidence of virginity?
A. For a long time, it was believed that an intact hymen was evidence of a girl’s virginity, as the hymen posed a barrier to sexual intercourse.

Some girls who are still virgins have no hymen at all.
Also there have been some cases in which girls who have had several sexual intercources had an intact Hymen. This condition is also called as elastic hymen. A minor surgical procedure should remove the hymen is such cases as elastic hymens sometimes do cause pain during sexual intercourse.

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