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Cherry PoppedKarina is beautiful student 18 year old. She like to dress a short skirt, showing off her beautiful long legs. In office she sat down and allow the photographer to see her white panties. His look was glued to this panties. After all necesary procedures (contract, checking her hymen etc.) she came to studio to be deflorated! But she came not alone, she bring her boy and wanted him to do it while the camera running. So it is not bad to. Her boyfriend was virgin to. She protested when her boyfriend removed her white panties for the first time Because he was unexperience, he was not too gentle with her. She told that she had been playing with her pussy since she was 16, using one finger in. Finally she was ready and opened her pussy lips for her boy’s penis and the camera. From her fingering the hymen was elastic and not break when her boy  2 fingers into her, her hymen stretched, but did not break. He tried more and more and she cried out, then was hear “click” and she cried out again as the blood flowed on her fingers. He broke her hymen.
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Cherry hymenHi. Look at this young model. Eva. I love this petite girl from the time when i saw her nude pictures and pictures of her cherry hymen for first time, its so beutiful. I hope you like she too. If you surf some porn sites you saw already her nude pictures there. But you have to now that her porn history was started at Defloration TV few years ago when she came to the studio to make her portfolio. She was 18 years old only when her cherry hymen was broken before camera. It was her first sexual experience. Eva was very shy girl and absolytelly virgin.As usual Eva’s hymen was examined for virginity – cherry hymen was intact. She was too refused when she take off her panties before working camera. Cameraman take hundreds nude pictures when she posing and many pictures of her virgin cherry close up. From this action Eva got too wet and agree to make defloration in front of the camera. She break her hymen by little dildo, inserting into the pussy very gentle and slowly. Not too much hymen blood was from that and she did not feel any pain as ususal, Eva continued to move the dildo in her pussy untill got very reach orgasm. Thats story. It was wonderfull action. Her cherry hymen pictures and defloration movie was made and posted at Defloration TV in 2004 year. From that time administration of Defloration TV got tons of messages from members to make update for this perfect girl. And Eva was invited for new photosession.

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Meet one more virgin from Defloration TV – Nora Phillips and her incredible story. Nora Philips is young, pretty and of course virgin, she is 18 years old only. She came to the Defloration TV studio for an interview and told that she agree to posing nude before camera, agree to show her virgin hymen close up but most of all this she want to lose her virginity, even in front of the camera! Why? After this question Nora told her unbeliveable story.  She is really virgin (you can see her hymen photos in the members area) despite that she 3 month as married! Yes, she is married and virgin still, she loves her husband very much but she is unhappy in sexual life. She is young and unexperienced in sex girl, but thay have big age difference with her husband, hi is almost 50 years old. That is why she didn’t lose virginity in the first night with him (second, third, so on), and they very unhappy both. Read the rest of this entry »

martinkaanal.jpgHi guys! I know that you like to play with the defloration simulator, but I’ll try to distract your attention from this nice game which made your dick harder. Do you remember this pretty girl on the picture above? Yes this is Martinka Pipinkova ex-virgin girl, her cherry popped for the Defloration TV web site. I know that many of you watched her hymen defloration video (how she break hymen herself by her lovely dildo), and pictures where she posed naked and showed her intact hymen, before she was deflowered, if not – you have to watch this defloration movies, you can find it in the member’s area only. Today I bring two new hardcore Martinka’s galleries for you, as I promised earlier. As you know Martinka Pipinkova agreed to make movie with her first time hardcore and anal action for Defloration TV (of course isn’t defloration video, but she never fucks with a man before, this is just her fist time fucking). Full sets of this young girl you will find inside Defloration TV member’s area. All pictures in the high quality and of course video in the full screen format (like other defloration movies there). I hope you will her video, while we will wait for new act of defloration. Cheers!
Gallery #2 – Matrinka Pipinkova first time anal sex.
Kinga Stockaja with restored hymen New “virgin” girl and new act of defloration from Defloration TV. This is Kinga Stockaja, this Polish girl is 18 years old. Kinga lose the virginity half year ago with her boyfriend but now her hymen restored and we can see her plump pussy with new hymen cherry again. Kinga told that she was unhappy from breaking the hymen by her boyfriend, becouse hi dasn’t have any sexual experience to make it gentle. It was in his parents badroom when they stay home alone. Hi just insert erected penis into Kinga’s pussy and turn it very hard, she felt hard pain and boy cuming in 2 second right into her vagina. This is why Kinga Stockaja made the operation restoring her hymen. Kinga allow to shooting her new hymen before it was broken close-up. It was some different from natural hymen but look very nice. Kinga voluntary agreed to lose her virginity in the Defloration TV studio and she trust the procedure of breaking the hymen to cameraman. This man know what to do. Her hymen was broken professionaly by not to big pink dildo and Kinga get much more pleasure than her first time.

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Hi. Some changes was made on (Defloration TV for iPod Players). This unique defloration site change the name. Now this name is Remember that updated every week. Only best defloration scenes, masturbation scenes, self breaking hymen video you will find there. Below you can see some virgin, defloration, hymen movie screenshots:

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Melinda deflorationMelinda Kiszner in act of defloration! Few month ago Melinda began the modeling as virgin girl. I had wrote about it i my last post. Of course you remember her intact hymen pictures. She was refused to lose her virginity at that time. But now this pretty virgin is back and agreed to break her hymen (lose virginity) with her boyfriend while the photographer will videotaped them with his HD camera! Melinda Kiszner is a very pretty girl, and she have high personality that she shows in the pictures I post in the my last post. You must check out the pictures of last minutes of her virginity. Before shooting her defloration video was started, Melinda told very interesting story about her first sexual experience, very interesting story. It was in the summer day and young Melinda was wearing just in short skirt without panties. She was in the parents apartment and was on her hands and knees cleaning a kitchen floor. Melinda was alone with her large dog only. Girl was shocked when the dog suddenly jumped on her back and held her with its paws…..

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Good news guys! We have a new virgin who has agreed to show the innocent body to the camera. Meet charming and little shy Veronica Puncikova. The virgin who agrees to show us something special today. Great, everything as should be – a small young tities, a tender maiden body and, of course, virgin pussy. But this is not all. Veronica is the sister of Agi Puncikova from Defloration TV 2005 year archive, virgin girl who has self deflowered with little dildo in front of Defloration TV cameras. When Veronica has turned 18 she decided to make her first nude posing with Defloration TV studio same as her elder sister did it five years ago. But this time Veronica only poses nude in front of the camera, showing to us the innocent delights. She plays with her sensitive clit and spreads wet pussylips so widely that we can see her intact hymen inside very close. That’s all for today, she don’t ready to lose virginity yet. But who knows, may be in hear future we will see not only her virgin vagina but how this cherry will popped as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Amelie Loren - virgin deflowerHi guys! How about one more juicy video from Defloration TV? I hope you remember French virgin Amelie Loren, she posed for you naked and showed her virgin pussy to you not so long ago! So it is time to deflower this little virgin. While some people think it is impossible to persuade the virgin to act in porn professionals from Defloration TV successfully do the business. Today’s video of Amelie’s defloration is result of their difficult but very successful work. You must see this virgin deflower scene – a extremely hot young and innocent body, great shaped maiden tits, a glamorous make-up and in addition to all this great apartments with very wide bed. This bed was that place where innocent Amelie Loren has tasted all delights of sex for first time – first time sex, losing virginity, being deflowered, breaking the seal, popping the cherry — there are lots of names for it. Virgin Amelie has been a little frightened coming but experience of the actor from Defloration Studio and his tenderness have pushed aside all obstacles very quickly. Dude has checked up her virginity once again, has laid her on a bed and spreads with fingers her warm pink pussylips, hymen was there still intact. Cherry must popped! It’s time to begin! Virgin allowed to caress the young body, to kiss a her firm breast and even has allowed him to kiss and lick well trimmed virgin pussy. It was pleasant to her, as however she liked to suck cock for first time. Amelie Loren did it ineptly for first time, but experience comes in the course of time! Her small pink hole became wet and was ready to get her very first cock in her life. Little pain, little scream and a little virgin blood on his hard dick and all is finished. Virgin deflowered, hymen broken – way is free. Read the rest of this entry »

defloration videoNew virgin girl with new defloration video at the Defloration TV pages. Just look at the virgin Lily Cross in some free galleries I placed here and go to the Defloration TV to watch how her hymen was broken before camera. It is very interresting story how this virgins came to the studio and how she lost her virginity. How do you think who this man who break her hymen there? His name is Steve, he is a modeling agent who working for Defloration TV and brings to them new virgins model, Steve aranged virgin girl for meeting with photographer and if girl has realy intact hymen and agreed to show it to camera or break it before it he send her to the studio. Steve found Virgin Lily and she agreed to lose virginity before camera, but she had put one condition – she agree break her hymen with Steve only. The Defloration TV  team was  surprised and a little confused – Steve are agent but not porn actor, how he can play in  the defloration porn scene? The problem was solved by Steve, when he saw this pretty virgin nude body, her pretty young tits he was very happy to agree do it. Before her cherry being popped the photographer was made big numerous shots of her young virgin body and of course tens of pictures of Lily’s intact hymen in different positions, so you can see it at Defloration TV. Defloration video was taped like real amateur porn but in very high quality. Few HD video cameras was installed in the bedroom and leave the lovers alone there, so no body can disturb them while they breaking Lily’s hymen. With a full reel of tape, he had one hour to break her cherry hymen and take her virginity, and he did it! You must see these incredibly exciting defloration video! I hope you love this. Enjoy.
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