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defloration-screenshot1.jpgHi guys!There is something interesting today for you. After revision on my hard drive I had found some defloration video scenes screenshoots that I made to place here but forgot about it. Of course you remember this young girl Anna Ribalko from Defloration TV – the girl who was made  hymen defloration video for our lovely site several month ago. If not – you can find some of her pictures here. There is some screenshots of this defloration video. Just look at her and remember how it was that day. Anna looks a little frightened, in fact she does it the first time in a life. Don’t worry Anna, all will be very well. You knew what for have come here.

defloration-screenshot2.jpgThat’s another pictures where virgin girl demonstrate her intact pussy for last time. She spread her pussy lips so wide for you, she give to you the chance to see her virgin hymen last time, in several minutes it will be broken, and Anna Rybalko becomes the real woman. If you look narrowly closely, you will see her untouched virgin hymen in this photo. Look! You will not see anywhere such picture more. Of course you can download full defloration movie from Defloration TV if you become its member. You just need to watch it.

defloration-screenshot3.jpgNext scene will show to you how the Anna’s defloration was started. In this moment you see how the photographer tries to enter by small dildo in this virgin pussy. The man does it very cautiously to not cause her a pain. Also he does it rather skilfully. This guy has a big experience in cherry popping,  he knows what to do with virgins. One more second and dildo will appear inside of this tender virgin pussy. But to hurry up it is not necessary, Anna asked to be gentle with her. This pretty virgin some times asked to stop, because felt a pain, but…

Ups, sorry. I need to go, I will try to finish its tomorrow, see you later.

The place where you can download all this defloration scenes you know – Defloration TV.

defloration-screenshot4.jpgHi, I come back. On what we have stopped? Ah yes. I remember. The man tried to break her hymen and to get inside her tight pussy. Look at this caps and you will understand that he did it already, the dildo is inside now. That is mean that Anna’s intact hymen ruptured. Do you ready to see tons of hymen blood after it breaking? Relax. A lot of blood will not be there. Not all girls, at loss of virginity, have a lot of blood. Some girls simply have a small amount around of pussy lips. It also is such case. What next? See the next caps.

defloration-screenshot5.jpgSome blood appeared there, on her pussy, but not too much. You can see it on the dildo. It seems to me, that except for a pain and a fright, this girl should get and a some pleasures from her first sexual intercourse, She have to remember this time as happy day. On it the photographer does not stop and continues to move the tool. She like it. (I hope you like it too!). One more reason to not stoping this exciting action – He should be sure, that virgin hymen is broken, and all is done as it is necessary.

defloration-screenshot6.jpgWell that’s all, all is finished, everyone are happy. Anna Rybalko happy that this defloration action done already and she become woman, the man who help her lose virginity happy that he had new exclusive defloration video material, we happy that we could watch this all. It is necessary to clean only traces of hymen blood in her plump pussy lips (as you can see the man do it by her white panties, which was on her before her defloration) and to say goodbye to her virginity forever. But you stay here and wait more news from Defloration TV. Thanks Anna – it was great.

Hi guys. No hymen pictures or act of defloration will post today. This is just very funny and hot video for you. Have you ever seen how the chicks lays an edds? Can you imagine how the young girl will do that? How do you think – from what place this eggs will appears? No? So you must see this video clip, where young pretty chick lays an eggs!  This is just a little addition to my previous post about young virgin Dasha from Chezh Republic, who was posing nude before camera and showing her intact hymen for us, and how her hymen was broken in the Defloration TV studio by the photographer’s finger. This video was made after her defloration in the same place where the Dasha’s cherry was popped. Full screen video with this and other defloration action you can find in the Defloration TV member’s area only. Just have a funn!
dasha.jpgHi people! Let me introduce the new girl who will show not only the perfect young body for you, yes! you are right, she will show you her hymen too. You will not see her defloration, i mean you will not see how the man popping her cherry by his cock, but you will see her hymen break. Her name is Dasha, she is from Chezh Republic. Dasha is twenty years old but looks a little younger. Every men in the stidio was fascinated by her beauty when Dasha came in Defloration TV studio and showed what she has (i mean her virgin hymen). Yes, Dasha saved her hymen virgin untill 20 years, don’t believe? You can watch the pictures of her hymen close-up inside members area. She was offered to posing nude and even make act of her defloration before camera immediately. She has disagreed to break hymen but she let to the photographer take pictures of her young pussy and even allow to shoot her intact hymen close up. She said that no one boy touch her pussy before, but she allow to touch her pussy and hymen during the photosession. He was started – slowly spread her long legs to see her plump pussy lips. Dasha shivered with excitement from the touching of his hands on her inner thighs. The man slowly parted the pussy lips and saw her intact cherry (hymen). It was a very unusual shape. While the photo session made he played with her intact hymen a lot. He was playing with her sensual pussy lips and hymen with her fingers, and has been watched how much Dasha like this game. But he has taken a great interest and has pressed on her hymen more strongly than usually – hymen break as result. After the breaking hymen it was not hard to persuade Dasha insert the dildo into her virgin, little bleeding pussy. Go to the Defloration TV member’s area and watch this great video where Dasha’s hymen break. More free pictures of her hymen and how it (hymen) was broken  I will post little later. Chiao my dear!
Hi! New day bring to us new hymen pictures of nice innocent girl. Look at this pretty virgin – her name is Anna Gilano, she is from Italy. Anna is 18 years old only and absolutely virgin (her hymen is untouched yet). This amateur virgin girl are looks like professional porn star, but it is not true – she never posing nude in front of camera before. As you know the Defloration TV members area content pictures and videos of virgin girl or their act af defloration, so Anna’s hymen was verified as another girl’s hymen to. It’s miracle – her hymen (cherry) was intact. Of course Anna Gilano agreed to posing nude for the camera and allow to take very hot pictures of her secret place – her fleshly membrane (hymen). Big number of her cherry pictures you will find in the member’s area of the Defloration TV. Here I post some galleries where Anna getting naked in the bedroom, posing nude and playing with her hot virgin pussy. Of course would be better to watch her breaking hymen video, but it was not made – Anna don’t wants to lose virginity at this time unfortunately. But i open a little secret for you – the Defloration Tv working on contract for the Anna Gilano. According this contract Anna’s hymen will breaking and this defloration action will videotaped, they are proffesionals and know what to do, and I hope that very soon we will watch the Anna’s defloration movie at the pages. And now just watching at her hymen – very hot pictures. Click at the picture above or links below to see the Anna Gilano nude pictures.
Gallery #2 – Anna Gilano posing in the bedroom
Gallery #3 – Anna playing with wet virgin pussy
Gallery #4 – Anna undressing the sportwear
(How to break hymen right.)
Many of the men asked the girl after they got her for first fuck – “Are you sure that you hymen was intact?”. That is becouse the men heard to many stories about hymen defloration – that for young woman their first fuck like something dramatic and traumatic. This stoties told that the girl feel pain, than more pain, then a pop and many many hymen blood leave her pussy. As you know in many culture the hymen blood have to appear on the marriage sheet, only in this case marriage is valid. Even novadays many guys expect the such scenario when they going to fuck the virgin girl for first time, and many of them not finding the tons of blood or whose lovers don’t feel any pain start to wonder tha girl’s hymen was really untouched. But you have to know that first time not always to be painful or hymen blood appears as result. Actualy if this not happen that mind that the man done this right.
Actualy, if you want to know that your girl is virgin, you must check her hymen before firts fuck and not after you have sex. The hymen is a fleshly membrane wich cover the enter to vagina, hymen is very flexible and it can stretch. It’s can be different in each woman: some of it large and cover lot of opening, some is small. Some girl haven’t hymen. First and biggest myth that the hymen cover the vagina entry and don’t let you enter inside if not be piersed, bull shit. If you go to penetrate hymen it feel like a very tight fit to both of you. You girl will feel that it stratching tightly, and, as your hard dick its repeated pokes at the pussy, or if you are lucky enough to penetrate slowly and keep to move your cherysplitter first dipper into the pussy than shalower, depper, shalower, the cherry hymen not pierced but rubbed out.

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Fresh girl who let to make horny pictures of her hymen and new video shows her defloration on the Defloration TV. This pretty virgin is Terezie she is from little village in Checz Republic. Terezie is 18 y.o. only and her hymen still untouched, great. The photographer had meet this girl last year in her village but he had some problemm with camera and did not made any pictures that time. One month ago Serguey Afanasiev visit this place again and Terezie agree to posing nude, showing everything to the camera. Lot of pictures was shooted in the barn near her house. She was very horny when posing nude. The man was little surprised when the girl from country said – “I’m sexy and I will posing nude.” With no shame she remove the clothes and start posing for him. Do you remember I posted the virgin Kamilla pictures? The girl who have the diamond in the hymen, so Teresie has piersing too but not in the hymen cherry – she have piercing in the clitoris, very sexy. Theresie shows how she masturbate and got very rouch orgasm after it. Until the last minute she doubted about losing virginity at that time but finaly Terezie decided to break hymen before camera. Yes she did it right there. In the Defloration TV member’s area you can download full screen movie of Teresie hymen defloration, also you can get there lot of pictures when she posing nude and most interesting pictures when Terezie shows her intact hymen and allow to man touch it by finger. I just recomend to view this defloration movie right now.
More gallery of virgin Terezie:
Gallery #2 – Terezie posing nude with horse saddle
Gallery #3 – Virgin girl washing pussy and masturbate
Gallery #4 – Virgin beauty posing nude
Gallery #5 – Terezie posing nude in gold mask
Gallery #6 – Virgin hottie shows pierced clitoris 
hymen-treasure.jpgThis new virgin girl name is Kamilla. She is 18 years old. This hottie is still virgin and her intact hymen is very unusual becouse her hymen cherry have great piercing (you must see it!). Kamilla came to Budapest on her vacation with her 25 years old boyfriend. They are never had a vaginal sex just oral but sometimes it will happens. Kamilla told very nice story about her virginity, her hymen and their partnership. When her 18 birthday turn her boyfriend gave to Kamilla fantastic gift. It was diamond earring – only one but very beautifull. Then they came to the piercing centre and the piercing master attached the another diamond to her intact hymen (pierced hymen). It unbeliveable – but Kamilla show it. On the Kamilla’s nude pictures and video you can see the big sparkling diamond in the centre of hymen (think about it – diamond not just in pussy – in the hymen). The boyfriend told her that if she will ready give to him virginity Kamilla just need to give him the earring. They allow to take pictures and make videos of her intact hymen with the diamond close-up. So it like her hymen a little treasure. No one saw such hymen earlier – but you can see it in the Defloration TV member’s area. when the camera light was directed on her cherry hymen it was like a true treasure in sunlight (better than Alladin’s cave).

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andynemet.jpgHi there! I bring to you new girl who will shows the hymen to you and you can see how her hymen will break by the huge hard cock. Meet the Andy Nemet – this virgin is 19 y.o. only. Very nice girl with young tits and petite plump pussy. And what is most matter for us she agree to show us all we need – her hymen and how the cherry will popped. Tell you by secret Andy’s hymen was broken when she was 18 years. But now her cherry hymen virgin again. Yes it was restored few month ago and you must know that Andy restore her hymen for Defloration TV special. So we can view the scenes when man break restored hymen. As many virgins from Defloration TV Andy sign the contract when was write – “I fully agreed that breaking my hymen (loosing my virginity) will be videotaped” – that what we need and show was started. Andy take her clothes of and posing like prof models, she spread her long legs to show her pussy and than opened the pussy lips and show her restored hymen. It’s looks like natural. When the actor was ready to make the defloration scene she was very wet and horny. She take his erected penis by hand and carrefuly insert it into “virgin” vagina.

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netty-virgin.jpgOne more virgin girl from the one and only true Defloration website in the world. Netty Murany. Netty just turned 18 years. She is a Chezh girl. And she is pure virgin with very nice plump and bald pussy. Netty is a little strange girl, you can understand it if you will see her first time nude video. You do not see the defloration of Netty Murany on today’s galleries. For this photosession she didn’t agree to break the hymen before camera. But she allow to shooting the hymen (cherry) close up. When the photographer taking her nude pictures Netty was playing with her pussy and shows as she like it. She opened her legs wide whe the camera was near the pussy and stretched the hymen by her finger to cameraman can take better pictures of her hymen. I said that you don’t see the Netty’s defloration pictures and video at this time (only the hymen). But I know that her defloration movie allready enable to download in the Defloration TV member’s area. So if you don’t want to wait for the next news about Netty Murany defloration you can get it from Defloration TV right now. I saw this movie today allready. Perfect defloration movie, i saw how quickly the hymen was break by professional actor, how she was crying becouse felt some pain, saw how she clean the defloration blood between her legs and from pussy lips – and I Recomend to you this hymen and defloration video – you must see it.

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Hymen stretch Today meet new virgin hottie Annet. She is 18 years old and she is from little village in Ukraine. Annet very shy girl, when she came to the photo studio she was a little nervous but absolutely agree to make her defloration before camera. As every other virgin girls her hymen was verified by photographer, her cherry was innoccent but it was very elactic, when the man inserted two finger throught her hymen and spread it the hymen stretch wide too, Annet did not feel any pain and hymen was not broken. Annet told that she have sex with her boyfriend already but it was strange becouse no hymen blood apear on her legs and she did not felt any pain that time too. Her hymen was still innocent after penis introdution throught it. Doctor says that Annet has very plactic hymen membranne and her hymen rupture can not be made the natural way becouse the hymen stretch too much and let the penis move deep throught it without defloration. Her boyfrind did not believed that Annet was virgin  and they break their relationship after that night. Annet find the Defloration TV advertising in the new and decide make the defloration there. When she take her close off she was refused for first five minutes but then she shows everything she can – Her young breast, perfect body and of course Annet shows her virgin hymen when open her pussy lips and allow to shoot it close-up.

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