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Virgin Natasha Tutu - defloration scene

Natasha Tutu defloration – cute virgin blonde and professional porn actor Alex in the hotest defloration action. As I promised, today I’ll show you some very hot pictures of the scene where a leggy blonde Natasha Tutu loses virginity right before camera. Her partner in the defloration became well known porn actor from the Defloration TV studio Alex. He has not only a huge dick, but also a huge experience in dealing with virgins. He knows how to break hymen gently and almost painless. He is proffesional and many young girls trusted him their virgin body (I’d like to have a job). Natasha was great. Despite this is her first sex experience she tried many fucking position after her cherry was broken. What I am telling you? Just watch this act of defloration and enjoy. Read the rest of this entry »

Kati Majorova Defloration storyHi guys. Defloration TV bring us new hot defloration story today. Meet the Kati Majorova – one more virgin girl who agreed that her virgin hymen will broken right before camera and her first sexual experience will taped on video. Kati was in the Defloration TV studio on a nude photo-session one month ago and they have photographed her virgin pussy. She just posed nude for the camera that time, no action was done, just young naked body, innocent pussy and her intact hymen close up (I’ll show you some pictures from this nude set little bit later). Now Kati have a boyfriend and ready to lose virginity before camera with him. She said that afraid a bit but she really ready to do it. Her boyfriend’s name is Atilla they are together for two weeks already and of course he is ready to break her hymen right now. He said “Yes, I am ready. But, to be honest, I would rather run away…”. heh. New defloration photo- and video-session was started. After all they asked Kati – what did she feel after her hymen was broken?  She said that at first it was strange and painful but then became good, very good, it was her first real orgasm, and she glad that finally become a woman and intimately acquinted with her boyfriend! Read the rest of this entry »

defloration-screenshot1.jpgHi guys!There is something interesting today for you. After revision on my hard drive I had found some defloration video scenes screenshoots that I made to place here but forgot about it. Of course you remember this young girl Anna Ribalko from Defloration TV – the girl who was made  hymen defloration video for our lovely site several month ago. If not – you can find some of her pictures here. There is some screenshots of this defloration video. Just look at her and remember how it was that day. Anna looks a little frightened, in fact she does it the first time in a life. Don’t worry Anna, all will be very well. You knew what for have come here.

defloration-screenshot2.jpgThat’s another pictures where virgin girl demonstrate her intact pussy for last time. She spread her pussy lips so wide for you, she give to you the chance to see her virgin hymen last time, in several minutes it will be broken, and Anna Rybalko becomes the real woman. If you look narrowly closely, you will see her untouched virgin hymen in this photo. Look! You will not see anywhere such picture more. Of course you can download full defloration movie from Defloration TV if you become its member. You just need to watch it.

defloration-screenshot3.jpgNext scene will show to you how the Anna’s defloration was started. In this moment you see how the photographer tries to enter by small dildo in this virgin pussy. The man does it very cautiously to not cause her a pain. Also he does it rather skilfully. This guy has a big experience in cherry popping,  he knows what to do with virgins. One more second and dildo will appear inside of this tender virgin pussy. But to hurry up it is not necessary, Anna asked to be gentle with her. This pretty virgin some times asked to stop, because felt a pain, but…

Ups, sorry. I need to go, I will try to finish its tomorrow, see you later.

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defloration-screenshot4.jpgHi, I come back. On what we have stopped? Ah yes. I remember. The man tried to break her hymen and to get inside her tight pussy. Look at this caps and you will understand that he did it already, the dildo is inside now. That is mean that Anna’s intact hymen ruptured. Do you ready to see tons of hymen blood after it breaking? Relax. A lot of blood will not be there. Not all girls, at loss of virginity, have a lot of blood. Some girls simply have a small amount around of pussy lips. It also is such case. What next? See the next caps.

defloration-screenshot5.jpgSome blood appeared there, on her pussy, but not too much. You can see it on the dildo. It seems to me, that except for a pain and a fright, this girl should get and a some pleasures from her first sexual intercourse, She have to remember this time as happy day. On it the photographer does not stop and continues to move the tool. She like it. (I hope you like it too!). One more reason to not stoping this exciting action – He should be sure, that virgin hymen is broken, and all is done as it is necessary.

defloration-screenshot6.jpgWell that’s all, all is finished, everyone are happy. Anna Rybalko happy that this defloration action done already and she become woman, the man who help her lose virginity happy that he had new exclusive defloration video material, we happy that we could watch this all. It is necessary to clean only traces of hymen blood in her plump pussy lips (as you can see the man do it by her white panties, which was on her before her defloration) and to say goodbye to her virginity forever. But you stay here and wait more news from Defloration TV. Thanks Anna – it was great.

Hi my dear, this is a little excursion to the past. But first you have to know that the Defloration TV studio has a cristmas gifl for you – the new year came with the new virgin girl Lily Cross, and this pretty girl with intact hymen agree to break it before you camera and of course you can see her defloration scene there. It’s very exciting defloration movie and unbeliveable story with it. I have some pictures from this defloration action and of course I will share with you, but litle later, I have to make the galleries from material I have. While I will make the new hymen and defloration galleries I post some pictures from my archive I found on my computer. Look at the girl on picture above  – of course you know who it is. This is some pictures galleries of Agi Puncikova, the girl who was broke her hymen for Defloration Tv in 2006, I hope you like her photos that was made after her hymen was broken, and I know that many of you watched the video where this young teen girl broke the hymen by a little didlo. Just look at this pictures and remember her. New pictures with new hymen and defloration scenes I will post very soon, but I you can’t wait – just go to the Defloration TV and watch the perfect defloration video right now. New girl with her first lover are here  – Lily Cross defloration. Goog luck!
gallery #2 – Agi Puncikova in sexy lingery
gallery #3 – Teen girl Agi getting naked
gallery #4 – Ex-Virgin Agi Puncikova posing nude
After defloration
 It was in August of this year when the Defloration TV site posted her nude pictures for first time. Of course you are remember this virgin girl with the pierced clitoris. Terezie – one of my lovely teen girls wich hymen was broken for Defloration TV subscribers – all of them can see video with her hymen defloration on it. I just found some galleries with this pretty virgin teen on my hard drive that is why I post this pictures here. This galleries was shooted after her act of defloration, and she can use the dildo and masturbate as she want without care about her intact hymen – its broken already. I thins Terezie is happy that her hymen was broken – now she is true woman and can real sex with boys and girls like real woman, just look at this pictures and understood this. Pictures and videos with her defloration and where she shows her hymen close up you can download in the members area. But if you are not ready to watch real act of defloration – visit the galleries below to watch some nude Terezie pictures. I hope you know what you need to do when you watching defloration porn. Good luck.  Next time i will post the pictures of new virgin girl Agnessa Tress – new Defloration TV model with great body and, what is most matter her hymen is intact still. Just wait, or join the Defloration TV right now.
Terezie shows pierced pussy after defloration
Her hymen is broken already but pussy looks great
Ex-virgin teen Terezie masturbate with a dildo
murany1.jpg murany2.jpg
murany3.jpg murany4.jpg
Hi guys! Few week ago I posted the gallery of virgin girl Netty Murany from the set when she shows het hymen and I had promised to you post the Netty Murany defloration movie. Today I will do this. This is not to long defloration video clip when you can see her virgin hymen for last time becouse her hymen broken in this defloration video by the professional adult actor. Netty Murany hymen was checked again before shooting, it was still intact. In the short interview before defloration Netty tell you why she want to do this, also you will see the part of the Netty defloration video and her first female orgasm from the real sex whith man. As I said the video not too long but you can see there all you need. How the man persuades Netty Murany to have sex with him, how the hymen breaking by huge hard penis even how the actor trying to enter into the virgin Netty’s ass (yes, he tried to fuck her into anus after break her hymen, she agreed first but then removed his penis from it becouse she felt pain) and how they fucks in doggy style position after. You will see also how the Netty Murany crying after her defloration was done becouse she felt some pain while actor was inside her and how she removed the hymen blood around her pussy by napkins. Just download and view.

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pipinkova.jpgNew virgin – Martinka Pipinkova is very young beauty girls. The photographer meet her walking on the street. After meeting Martinka visited the photo studio few times but he was bussy with another virgin girl. Last time she came and after few hours Martinka agreed to posing nude before camera, she agreed to made the pictures of her virgin hymen close-up. She didn’t know that later she will agree that her hymen defloration will videotaped in this day too.  Martinka’s hymen was intact, she never had any sexual contact with adult man but she told very interresting story in her interview. She living in the house with her parents and younger brother. Of course child was slipping in the one room in separate beds. Few years ago she notice that her brother waking up with erected penis every morning and she was fascinated from it. Everytime she was very quiet looking at his erection. One evening before slepping they played wrestling in the bed and she just felt how his harp penis had rested in her underpants she was a little confused and try to remove it but it pressed harder and harder. Only brother’s pants held his penis inside. And it happens – hot sticky fluide appears on his pants. They both was confused from this happens. Don’t think that more than this was between them, no incest. But after this case they every night was learning the bodies of each other. One evening Martinka let him insers his finger inside her virgin pussy, he touched her intact hymen. He said that it was wet and very hot inside. He was so raised that her sperm splashed out again. Next evening he learned the clitoris and this night Martinka Pipinkova had her very first orgasm. After they did it allmost every night. Thats story.

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Defloration videoHurry up to watch new virgin hymen and then defloration video on Defloration TV site. Her name is Szabo Kristina. She is 18 years old. Kristina isn’t model and she never getting undressed before camera eye. This time will first. Kristina is pure virgin. And she absolutely agreed that moment of breaking her hymen will be photographed and videotaped. She lose her innocence in the light of the Defloration TV studio. At the first photosession was made her nude pictures only she allow to take many pictures of her virgin hymen too. Next day Kristina used dildo in the photosession, she kissed it, taked it betwen her young tits and touch her young pussy by it. Than she insert it into the pussy and start push it inside, then she stopped becouse felt some pain. Kristina ask the photographer push the dildo deep in her innocent pussy. She was layed at the sofa with closed eyes and wide opened legs and waiting whet it will done. Cameraman slowly pressed on the hymen by pink dildo untill hymen was ruptured. She felt the pain again and some hymen blood appear arround her pussy and it stopped quickly. She understand that her hymen was broken. Then she take the dildo by hand and start move it inside herself.

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Melinda deflorationMelinda Kiszner in act of defloration! Few month ago Melinda began the modeling as virgin girl. I had wrote about it i my last post. Of course you remember her intact hymen pictures. She was refused to lose her virginity at that time. But now this pretty virgin is back and agreed to break her hymen (lose virginity) with her boyfriend while the photographer will videotaped them with his HD camera! Melinda Kiszner is a very pretty girl, and she have high personality that she shows in the pictures I post in the my last post. You must check out the pictures of last minutes of her virginity. Before shooting her defloration video was started, Melinda told very interesting story about her first sexual experience, very interesting story. It was in the summer day and young Melinda was wearing just in short skirt without panties. She was in the parents apartment and was on her hands and knees cleaning a kitchen floor. Melinda was alone with her large dog only. Girl was shocked when the dog suddenly jumped on her back and held her with its paws…..

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Maria deflorationHi! New Real Act of Defloration for you. Maria and her boyfriend John. Maria is 18 year old brunette with beautiful face and body. She is virgin girls with untouched hymen. In interview Maria  agreed for a nude photo only, she allow to shoot her virgin hymen too, but no defloration. But John purpose her make nude photo and video session together. Maria agreed. Maria and John planning on getting married in 2 months. They ask to leave they together. After maria talking with John she agreed to make act of defloration before the camera. Its like a marriage alboom for a long memmories.  Next day they came in to shoot the video. John was a little nervous (only one in a thousand men can perform in an adult video, It is because other man is watching his penis), he never make sex and break any hymen yet. But one Viagra pill and no problem. Great video of innocent hymen and then act of defloration was made! So one more cherry being popped! Full set of Maria’s defloration pictures and video you can find on Defloration TV.

Here is review of Maria by Defloration TV subscriber:

“This is the best defloration movie I have ever seen. It is obvious that they are not professionals, but two young people in love. They are embarrassed by you being there. The way he fondles her at the beginning is awkward, and gave me a smile. Like a virgin boy trying to have sex for the first time. Great. Guys remember their first time also. I liked the way you shot her while he was licking her pussy. It was a good clear view of his licking, and her dream-like facial expression.

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