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“This is the best defloration movie I have ever seen. It is obvious that they are not professionals, but two young people in love. They are embarrassed by you being there. The way he fondles her at the beginning is awkward, and gave me a smile. Like a virgin boy trying to have sex for the first time. Great. Guys remember their first time also. I liked the way you shot her while he was licking her pussy. It was a good clear view of his licking, and her dream-like facial expression.

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Virgin Marina
Meet one more virgin model from Defloration TV. Her name is Marina. She living in Moskow, Russia. She meet her 18 birthday just few day ago. Marina young very young and she is very nice baby! Her virgin membrane (hymen) still untouched. Marina is a pure virgin, having no sexual experience of any kind. She have very young face, so her birth certificate was checked two times. Of course her hymen was checked too but one time is enough to understand that this girl innocent. Marina agry to make the nude photo when she posing. Also she let to make her hymen pictures. She have very nice cute ass and small young breast. Her hymen was a little scretched by her finger, yes she love to masturbate when she stay home alone. She will show us how she did it. Marina not ready to make the act of defloration. So her hymen will virgin for sometime and we get the beautest pics and video of her virgin hymen and masturbation. 
Virgin SofiaOne more virgin model, Sofia! She is 18 years old Chech girl. She living in Budapest. This blonde girl still pure virgin and had no any sexual experience. Sofia’s body is very sexual, firm young tits andc so hot virgin pussy.  She told that love to masturbate by her fingers and touch the cherry (hymen), Sofia  have very strong orgasm from it but she is not ready to lose her virginity but allow to make her hymen pitures and her masturbation video. And of course you can see her hymen zoomed on this pics. She told if she find the boyfriend of her dream and decide to break hymen with him, she will let the film her act of defloration. I hope soon you could see Sofia’s hymen rupture at the Defloration TV. And don’t forget – Defloration TV present new act of defloration, new virgin hymen every week. Take a look at the HQ photos, MPEG and DivX videos. Pictures of the hymen!


Virgin JulietaOur new virgin Julieta. She is very pretty girl with nice firm tits and body. She came into studio with her mom. Her mother wants the Julieta be a model but she scare that her doughter lose her virginity in a first day modeling work with photographer. Julieta’s mom was right to be worried. And Julieta is to naive. I think defloration video and photo can may be done if she came alone without her mother. No act of defloration was made at this day, but Julieta let film her firm body, nice tiny tits and untouched virgin hymen! It was great show! During the shooting, photographer was little nervous with her mom there. But mom was relaxed. Julieta spread her young pretty legs wide and cameraman open her pussy lips by fingers very gentle. Betwen the lips he saw her pretty hymen. Julieta was wet from the man touch her pussy for first time. Her mom was a little worried watching the man’s finger in her doughter pussy. When session was finished and Julieta’s mom go to the another room, Gilrl told that she was very happy  her first sexual touch made from a man and not a teenage boy. Her virginity was filmed, and you can see her first work with her virgin hymen pictures and video at Defloration TV! Julieta is nice naive girl and of course she will lose her virginity as soon as she came to studio next time alone without her mom. And her cherry (hymen) will break (popped) in front of the camera. Will wait act of defloration from Julieta.
Virgin hymen Margarita
Margarita is very unusual person. She difference from another girls she is a lesbian. She told very interesting story about her and her girlfriend sexual life. Margarita is 19 year old she is from Spain and still virgin. Once she back to home with her girlfriend. They was together in the house only. And they try to kiss for first time. They kissed once, twice and stay kissing until her pussy getting wet. She touch panties of her girlfriend and undertood that her pussy was juicy to. It was a new and very strong feeling for Margarita! She felt a vibration all of her body. Both girl start play with they litle clits and virgin pussy. After 10 minutes  both girls had very strong orgasms! Some time passed. During this time girls was happy and making love again many times.  There are no men in their sexual lives! Her girl friend is also still a virgin. She told that the best sexual feeling for her, was when her girlfriend leak her hymen with her tongue. Margarita want to use a dildo for deep masturbation. But she would not lose  virginity with a boy, she want make love with this girl only. The girls decide to break they hymens before camera and also earn some money! Margarita allow to the photographer make a few pictures of her untouched hymen. She was play with her wet virgin pussy, touch her puffed pussylips and hymen before camera. She did not lose her virginity yet. She want her cherry being popped with her girlfriend only.  At this time her girlfriend is on holiday in Italy, but after few week she back and their lesbian act of defloration will captured by professional on video! So will wait.
Virgin Yvette hymenOne more pretty virgin girl for your eyes. She’s name  Yvette, she 18 year old, and she study in Budapest. She still keep her virginity herself but She love to posing nude for cameraman. Yvette ready for spreading her legs before camera and allow to shot her virgin hymen. She had dreaming about posing nude long time. To be honest, she has masturbated her clit by finger and thinking about couple of men undressing her touch her virgin body her nice firm tits and her little cherry. She let the cameraman not only film her pussy but she let him to touch her hymen by his finger and tongue. She ask to do this very gently with no breaking hymen. Yvette not ready for defloration yet. She want to keep her cherry for the special man. But she promise, when she will ready lose her virginity her comeback to photostudio with her boyfriend to make act of defloration in front of the camera to have remember for whole life. Of course she will share this intime and incredible defloration movie with us. So will wait new virgin blood on the video.
Act of defloration - NicolettNicollet are very petite girl. No one photographer want to take her nude pictures. Of course, she look like scoolgirl. Every one tell her that will not work with the kids. But ones she show her ID. When birth date was checken, was founded that she turned 18 just 7 days ago! So its ok.  She take off her light dress it was funny, she was dresse in child panties. She look like an angel and has very pretty teenager’s face, with soft light brown hair. Her young breasts are too nice to touch it. Photo session was started, she was relaxed and allow make everything what need. She smiled everytime. She was little scarred about sex. But She let break her flashly hymen before the camera. It wasn’t easy to take her virginity. Her virgin vagina was small. She tell that had never placed a finger in her little hole. There is needed 2 hands and a lot of pressure to take her virginity. You will see this all in a stunning close-up video! She was not asked in the beginning why she wanted to lose it. Sometimes this is too personal a secret. But after all, she told a little secret. She and her 2 girl-friends made a pari. They vowed that by tomorrow they will have sex with someone and no longer be virgins. Her girl-friends had boys so it would not too hard for them. But Nicollet was alone. But pari is pari. She was thinking to find a lucky stranger at this night and offer him her cherry as a gift. But she find little  ad about photo studio in the newpaper her mind was changed. Its wonderfull becouse it was filmed. And we can see her act of defloration. Nicolett defloration gallery.
Lena's Defloration
Lena is 18 years old ukrainian girl. When she arrived Prague, she told us her unusual story. Few weeks ago she invited her boy to her home while the parents were out of. They started kissing like they always, but this evening their kisses was not as usual and he turn his hand into her wet panties. No one man or boy had never touched her pussy before. The boy had tried to break her hymen with his finger. She start panic and ask him to stop. He went home, she cried all the night, she think that her boy broke her hymen and she had lost her virginity. She came to Prague and ask to test her innocense. Their family doctor can tell her parents that she isn’t virgin. But no problem was there her hymen had been stretched, but not broken. She was happy. But she had  asked to be the nude model and few days later she agreed! At second time, she told tell how she masturbate at night. act of defloration So every night she uses a small dolly to bring herself to orgasm. She show how she do it, of course it was filmed on video and photo. Unbeliveble masturbation scene! After three week she agreed to lose her virginity with professionals becouse her boy can not be gentle with her pussy but she want be defloraten with minimum pain. So her virgin hymen was breaked not by penis not by dildo or finger, she was fucked with the head of the doll. She slid the doll’s head further in between her lips and up against her hymen. Pressure was hard and quickly broke her virgin membrane. This is all caught on video.
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