Broken Hymen
Young Russian model Anna Ribalko!
Anna living in the village in Siberia! She is 18 years old and she still virgin. Till now we didn’t see the Siberian girls on our site! She does not have any sexual experience. She only love martubate. Every time she goes to bed she play with her young plump pussy. She love to fuck herself very fast and hard with her nice fingers and imagined that it was a hard cock! But Anna never lose control fucking herself, and never insert her finger or anything through the hymen (she don’t want to be deflorated by herself). Once she came to the cow barn and was played with the cow udder, dreaming that is a male penis. Next day she take the cow teat into her mouth, and moved it slowly and tender like a warm throbbing penis into her mouth. To hard to imagine this young girl with such sexual desires is still virgin. Anna arrive to photostudio, because she wanted to break the hymen right now, she is tired from her virginity. When her hymen will broken she would be able to use the dildo and insert her fingers deep in the pussy! She did’t want wait any more, she was horny for it. Anna told  that her desire to have her young pussy fucked hard and deep every day. But Anna does not have a boy friend in her small village. That is why she came to Defloration TV studio. NP! This men were only happy to break her hymen before the camera! Anna’s fresh hymen  was filmed on video before defloration and then act of defloration was filmed too. Her act of defloration available for your viewing in the Defloration TV member section!
hymen close upNew Defloration TV’s model, Monika!
This young virgin is 18 years old. Monica is from Budapest. Monica has a boyfriend but she still virgin. She not ready to lose her virginity now. In iterview Monica told that she love to masturbate by her finger when she stay home alone. She love to play with clitoris but never insert the fingers or something inside her virgin pussy she afraid to break her hymen by it. She had oral sex experience with boyfriend only. Monica allow him to leak her clitoris and innocent pussy and she had blow up his young erected penis. Together thay had make amateur pictures of her pussy and untouched hymen by camera in her phone. And now Monica decide to make professional nude photosession. She allow to shoot everything – her young tits, plump virgin pussy and of course her untouched hymen. Her masturbation was videotaped too, no defloration, sorry.  I think you will love how the photographer captured her innocence. In member area added new pictures very big format of Monica’s hymen close-up. HD video included too. So will waitig for new hymen and defloration pictures and video.
Vera's hymenOne more virgin girl Vera. Interresting story about this young lady. About year Vera had working for the owner of Defloration TV studio as make-up artist. She had work with every model on this site and saw all their hymen and defloration procedure. And now she surprised photographer by telling that her pussy is a virgin and she never had sexual contact with a man. Its some strange because Vera is 26 years old she is beautifull and has a very firm body. No one can belive that her hymen is untouched yet. Then Vera told that she have sex with girsl only and never uses a dildo. She prefer oral sex with girls. Of course virginity was verified immediately. Her hymen was little scretched by finders but absolutely virgin. She offered to let take some nude pictures of her. She agreed posing nude, she let make great pictures and video of her pussy. When girl open the pussy lips you can see her virgin hymen. She agree also to masturbate before camera. She make it very tender to not break her hymen. Nice pictures of Vera’s hymen close up you can find at the Defloration TV. Unfortunately no defloration was made. So Vera still virgin, may be some one of us breack her hymen in future. Umm… Lucky Boy.
Virgin JuliaJulia, my lovely virgin model! This young russian girl is 18 years old. Look at her, she look like a dool. Her ID was checked twice becouse she look very young. Julia has never been with a man or boy. Her hymen untouched yet. She is a very timid girl. You don’t see how her cherry being popped at this time becouse Julia still did not want to lose her virginity but she agry to pose nude before camera and let to photograph her hymen. Julia shows how she plays with her pink pussy, how she touch her hymen membrane softly. Nice video was made when Julia posed. When she spread her legs wide and open the wet pussy lips you can see her innocent hymen. Yes you can see her cherry. Real hymen!!! Every pictures of Julia’s hymen in High Quality (1600×1200)! And of course High Definition video hymen close up! Julia gives her promise if she decide break her hymen herself or with a boy she will allow to film her act of defloration on video.
Nikita defloration
Look at this virgin french pussy. This is Nikita but friend call her Kiki. Kiki is 18 y.o. and she is from France. She look like a cute little pink doll. Nikita very friendly and can discuss for a long time about virginity and deflotation. She love to show her plump little virgin pussy, when she open her pink pussy lips wide you can see her hymen. Her hymen is beautiful, she love to touch it by finger. She told that no one man touch her pussy and hymen yet but she wants it. Nikita wants her defloration was filmed on tape to have remember this event. So she decide break her hymen before the camera. She did it herself by not too big dildo. Kiki move the dildo slow and tender untill her cherry beign popped. She felt the pain and has stoped when the hymen blood appear aroung her pussy lips. She is one of girls who cried after the defloration. Maybe dildo was too big for her? No she was cried becouse she woman now. And she never be virgin girl again. Nikita’s hymen defloration pictures ans movies you can see at Defloration TV. Click on the Nikita picture to see some pictures from her defloration set. And of course come bag to my site for new defloration story.
Act of defloration Hi! There is new defloration story from Karina Ivanova.
She came from Kiev and she is 18 year old. She naven’t experience in sex but she very experienced with her fingers. Before she came to the photo studio she was buy in the near adult shop the pink dildo. It was very nice when so young virgin girl take it from her bag. Session was started. She take her dress slowly and start playing with her teen pussy by her finger. She was so horny. Then she open her pussy wide and ask the cameraman make the photo of her virgin hymen for last time. She gentle touch her hymen and little clit. Her cherry was virgin but it was little stretched from her fingering herself so much. She was ready to break her hymen. She insert the dildo betwen the pussy lips slowly then spread her legs wider and move the dildo more inside in her pussy. She was in pain a little but did not stop to move dildo. The virgin blood appear around her pussy. Yes, she did it. Her hymen was broken. She never forget her act of defloration. Say bue your virginity Karina. She told very interresting story after the photo session was finished. She had masturbating by her finger a lot. She share the bedroom with her brother. Brother have 21 y.o. There is only beds separating they in the room. Brother’s girlfriend comes over nights and make sex, becouse they think Karina is sleeping. But it was not true, she was waiting when they start the fuck and of course she watches through a hole in the curtain. While they make sex, she masturbating herself. She try to have orgasm at the same time as her brother! Sometime when brother was alone at night he masturbate to and Karina was spy for him. She loves to see the sperm out of his penis. She told her dirty secret. She was so hot by seeing them have sex, that if her brother wanted to, she would let him take her virginity. She wanted her virgin pussy to be filled the sperm from his big cock. She told that is dreams only. She will never to do this. But now  she can  feeling man’s penis inside her little pussy becouse her hymen allready broken. You can see her hymen rupture action on HQ Digital Widescreen pictures and on HQ Video to! Click on the image to view some Karina’s defloration pictures
act of defloration
One more ex virgin petite girl Oxana. Oxana arived from  Ukraine she is 18 years old. Her boyfriend Vladimir bring her to photostudio.  She was very quiet and  he did all the talking. She looks very tender and shy. She was wearing a little short skirt and when she was sitting everyone can see not only her pretty legs but her white panties to. He told that few days ago they were together while her parents were out. They kissing and touch their bodies. They make it many times erlier. She was kissing his erected penis and alllow him kiss her tiny breast and virgin pussy lips but she newer allow him spread her pussy lips wide and they never fuck yet. But this time when he leak her pussy she ask insert his tongue deepest as usual. He opened her lips and saw her virginal hymen membrane in the virginal pussy. It was wet and puffy from the excitement. Then he kissed her pussy and moved his tongue all around between her lips. He had tried to break her hymen with his tongue. He feel the rhythmic motions of her hips. They was ready to make love for first time both but Vladimir had already offered by studio to film their first making love. Oxana agreed to wait until next day. The next day they were at the photo studio. When she was undress excite not only him but every men was in. Starting the film being immediately. They looks like experienced lovers. Every in  studio hear like her hymen was break when he insert his hard but not too big penis in her little virginal hole. She was in pain when she saw her virgin blood on her legs but did not want to stop his friction untill have an orgasm. Was make tons of her defloration pictures and act of defloration video. Click on the pictures to see how her hymen was break. Or you can click here to view this act of defloration. 
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