Act of defloration Dicky
Hi. Let me introduce a new young girl with posing for nude photos and was deflorated in front of the camera, her name is Dicky she is schoolgirls from Budapest, Hungary. She told that this name was given her by her brother when she was little girl. She was dreamd posing nude before camera for a long time, but she was too young to do this, in her young wet dreams she wanted to show the cameraman her little pussy with fleshly membrane (hymen) and everything between her legs. She was dreamed about a few man taking her clothig out and taking her picture and video. To be honest, she had masturbated many many times, using very little thing to not breaking her hymen, and dreamed about doing this. But it was dream only until she turned 18. Now she can free pose in the nude scenes and she want to be fucked for first time to lose her virginity! Photographer ask her make more than just pose. When camera was ready she spread her nice legs and pussy lips to show her small hymen, it was beautiful, the best pictures of hymen even seen. She spread her legs wider and man inserted a not to big dildo. Her cherry was broken! Even though the hymen bled, but he did not stop move dildo until she had an orgasm. She was little pain when she saw hymen blood on her legs, but  she did it. It was very nice to look at Dicky’s act of defloration. Some gallerie here. Whole procedure of breacking her hymen you can see at Defloration.TV
Cherry PoppedKarina is beautiful student 18 year old. She like to dress a short skirt, showing off her beautiful long legs. In office she sat down and allow the photographer to see her white panties. His look was glued to this panties. After all necesary procedures (contract, checking her hymen etc.) she came to studio to be deflorated! But she came not alone, she bring her boy and wanted him to do it while the camera running. So it is not bad to. Her boyfriend was virgin to. She protested when her boyfriend removed her white panties for the first time Because he was unexperience, he was not too gentle with her. She told that she had been playing with her pussy since she was 16, using one finger in. Finally she was ready and opened her pussy lips for her boy’s penis and the camera. From her fingering the hymen was elastic and not break when her boy  2 fingers into her, her hymen stretched, but did not break. He tried more and more and she cried out, then was hear “click” and she cried out again as the blood flowed on her fingers. He broke her hymen.
When you will view this video Turn up the volume on this video, and you will hear something very few guys have ever heard, the sound of a cherry being popped.
Gita's defloration
This 18 years old girl Gita. When she came in studio it was great every one in studio fill a fresh breeze. Her light dress embose her girls figure and her tiny tits. Gita was still virgin. She just want to make her naked photo seccion without any action at first. We had talking about two hours and she became more loyalty and agry to break her hymen before camera. We give her some videos of girls we taped earlier, to show her how she can do it. After seeng video her pussy was juicy flavored and she started to play with her pussy before our hungry look. We was just watching. The pussy lips simulation made her horny and ready for it. Time is came, she break her hymen without any help by her nice fingers. She told that she feel a some of pain. But she did’t stoped and we make perfect photos and videos of her virgin pussy and how she deflorate herself. Visit this gallery to view Gita’s Defloration.
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