Hymen stretch Today meet new virgin hottie Annet. She is 18 years old and she is from little village in Ukraine. Annet very shy girl, when she came to the photo studio she was a little nervous but absolutely agree to make her defloration before camera. As every other virgin girls her hymen was verified by photographer, her cherry was innoccent but it was very elactic, when the man inserted two finger throught her hymen and spread it the hymen stretch wide too, Annet did not feel any pain and hymen was not broken. Annet told that she have sex with her boyfriend already but it was strange becouse no hymen blood apear on her legs and she did not felt any pain that time too. Her hymen was still innocent after penis introdution throught it. Doctor says that Annet has very plactic hymen membranne and her hymen rupture can not be made the natural way becouse the hymen stretch too much and let the penis move deep throught it without defloration. Her boyfrind did not believed that Annet was virgin  and they break their relationship after that night. Annet find the Defloration TV advertising in the new and decide make the defloration there. When she take her close off she was refused for first five minutes but then she shows everything she can – Her young breast, perfect body and of course Annet shows her virgin hymen when open her pussy lips and allow to shoot it close-up.

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