Vivien PiafMany virgins have passed through a photo studio of Sergey Afanasev (Defloration TV), many of them lost virginity right before objectives of the cameras, some virgins with pleasure or shame bared their virgin delights, showing the intact hymen close up, others simply posed bared not allowing to see more than they wished to show – but the most important thing, that does not stop on reached, their agents search for innocent girls worldwide, trying to involve them to erotic shootings and making defloration video, so we will enjoy by photos of naked virgins for a long time, their perfect intact hymens, and also the fantastic moments of losing of virginity (act of defloration).
Here is one of new models from – perfect and young virgin Vivien Piaf. 18 years old girl poses naked and slightly being confused shows beauty of the innocent maiden body and of course her tender untouched hymen close up. On these photos Vivien is still innocent, but it does not mean that she has left a photo of studio and her hymen remained virgin. It was last day before defloration. Read the rest of this entry »

roxana.jpgVirgin Roxana. Look at this virgin girl. She looks like a Hollywood star. Young tender body, perfect long legs, teeny tits with puffed niples. But most important she have something we want to see – yes you are right, Roxana has a virgin hymen. Roxana is 18 years old, she is from Budapest. Hymen of this pretty girl is absolutely virgin what confirmed on her hymen close-up video tape maked during photosession. She never got sexual contact with any men but she has some sexual experience with her girlfriend. She told that they playing sometimes with her when stay home alone. Roxana get very big pleasure when her girlfriend leaking her virgin pussy. Sometimes Roxana masturbate herself by the fingers or a pencil, she love it to. But today she decide to show us something special. Above showing her nude body she allow to take her hymen pictures and masturbation movies to cameraman. No defloration was made. Roxana save her virginity, as she said “for the special moment”. She don’t know who and when will break her hymen but she don’t ready to be deflowered now. This is no matter – we got from her what we want.

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Timi's virgin hymen
New virgin hymen pictures from Defloration TV. This is Timi, new virgin model. She is 18 years old only. There was difficult to work with this virgin girl, but she agree to pose nude before camera. A Timi is a pure virgin and too sensual, she haven’t sexual experience of any kind. Her virginity was verified before starting work. The hymen was virgin absolutely. But Timi was refused to let shoot her virgin hymen close up at first. She allow only make some pictures of her hude body in various poses. Some time later she agry to shooting her virgin pussy using special light effect and transparent panties. It was great results! But on this pictures you can see only a part of her virgin pussy. Some time more and Timi allow to take pictures of her virgin hymen. I newer saw so beauty virgin pussy. You must see it! While the phographer take her hymen pictures Timi start touch her young pussy lips by her finger. Pussy got wet and girl make it faster and faster until got very hard orgasm. She talk that she did it allmost every night and she love it. Timi have not a boyfriend that is why her hymen virgin yet. But she promise if she decide to break the hymen she allow film her act of defloration. But now you can enjoy hundred of pictures her virgin hymen. In the Defloration TV member’s area you can find huge collection of exclusive hymen pictures and defloration video. If you love it – you must join the Defloration TV.
the hymenOne more huge set of hymen pictures and video from Defloration TV. This is 19 y.o. Chezh virgin teen Klaudia. Pretty virgin with very hot young body and small tiny tits. Klaudia is absolutely virgin girl and she never have sexual experience of any kind, masturbation only.  She told that she love to masturbate in the shower directing the hot water stream to her virgin pussy. Before starting photosession her virginity was checked by photograther. She allow him to open the pussy lips so wide to see her virgin hymen. It was realy virgin. She was ready to break the hymen during the session. Klaudia start play funny with her young tits and pussy, than she take a little pink dildo and start play with it. She insert dildo into the pussy very slowly, Klaudia move it until felt the hymen against. She felt the pain and stoped moving. She change her mind. So her hymen still virgin but she promise to do act of her defloration in the Defloration TV studio, yes she promise break hymen in front of the camera but a little later, after few month. But now you can see her young body pictures and masturbation video. And of course big quantity pictures in High resolution of her hymen close up. And I hope her defloration movie very soon appear at the Defloration TV. I know that Klaudia have new boyfriend and may be next time her hymen will broken with his young penis not a dildo.
Hymen picture
Hi. Today I tell you about new Russian virgin model Daisy!
She is only 18 years old. She have very young and fresh teen body, small tiny tits and very nice young pussy. But above all this she have absolutely virgin hymen. Daisy haven’t sexual experience yet. She only tried to masturbate by her finger. She told that she love to play with her virgin pussy and love to touch her hymen (cherry) but she did it very carefully, she afrade her hymen will broken from it. Unfortunately this virgin babe not allowed to break her hymen in the studio but she agree to posing nude before the camera and we can not see her defloration at this time. Daisy allowed to take pictures of her plump pussy and her virgin hymen close up. Her young pussy got wet from this action and Daisy start play with it right before camera. Her hymen photos and masturbation video are excelent. When Daisy spread her pussy lips by finger you can see her intact hymen. You have to see it. Thanks Defloration Tv for this incredible video. I think you will like how they captured her innocence. Goog bue guys! Next time i tell you fantastic story about new virgin model Melinda Kiszner about her virginity and her defloration.
Maria deflorationHi! New Real Act of Defloration for you. Maria and her boyfriend John. Maria is 18 year old brunette with beautiful face and body. She is virgin girls with untouched hymen. In interview Maria  agreed for a nude photo only, she allow to shoot her virgin hymen too, but no defloration. But John purpose her make nude photo and video session together. Maria agreed. Maria and John planning on getting married in 2 months. They ask to leave they together. After maria talking with John she agreed to make act of defloration before the camera. Its like a marriage alboom for a long memmories.  Next day they came in to shoot the video. John was a little nervous (only one in a thousand men can perform in an adult video, It is because other man is watching his penis), he never make sex and break any hymen yet. But one Viagra pill and no problem. Great video of innocent hymen and then act of defloration was made! So one more cherry being popped! Full set of Maria’s defloration pictures and video you can find on Defloration TV.

Here is review of Maria by Defloration TV subscriber:

“This is the best defloration movie I have ever seen. It is obvious that they are not professionals, but two young people in love. They are embarrassed by you being there. The way he fondles her at the beginning is awkward, and gave me a smile. Like a virgin boy trying to have sex for the first time. Great. Guys remember their first time also. I liked the way you shot her while he was licking her pussy. It was a good clear view of his licking, and her dream-like facial expression.

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Virgin Marina
Meet one more virgin model from Defloration TV. Her name is Marina. She living in Moskow, Russia. She meet her 18 birthday just few day ago. Marina young very young and she is very nice baby! Her virgin membrane (hymen) still untouched. Marina is a pure virgin, having no sexual experience of any kind. She have very young face, so her birth certificate was checked two times. Of course her hymen was checked too but one time is enough to understand that this girl innocent. Marina agry to make the nude photo when she posing. Also she let to make her hymen pictures. She have very nice cute ass and small young breast. Her hymen was a little scretched by her finger, yes she love to masturbate when she stay home alone. She will show us how she did it. Marina not ready to make the act of defloration. So her hymen will virgin for sometime and we get the beautest pics and video of her virgin hymen and masturbation. 
Act of defloration Hi! There is new defloration story from Karina Ivanova.
She came from Kiev and she is 18 year old. She naven’t experience in sex but she very experienced with her fingers. Before she came to the photo studio she was buy in the near adult shop the pink dildo. It was very nice when so young virgin girl take it from her bag. Session was started. She take her dress slowly and start playing with her teen pussy by her finger. She was so horny. Then she open her pussy wide and ask the cameraman make the photo of her virgin hymen for last time. She gentle touch her hymen and little clit. Her cherry was virgin but it was little stretched from her fingering herself so much. She was ready to break her hymen. She insert the dildo betwen the pussy lips slowly then spread her legs wider and move the dildo more inside in her pussy. She was in pain a little but did not stop to move dildo. The virgin blood appear around her pussy. Yes, she did it. Her hymen was broken. She never forget her act of defloration. Say bue your virginity Karina. She told very interresting story after the photo session was finished. She had masturbating by her finger a lot. She share the bedroom with her brother. Brother have 21 y.o. There is only beds separating they in the room. Brother’s girlfriend comes over nights and make sex, becouse they think Karina is sleeping. But it was not true, she was waiting when they start the fuck and of course she watches through a hole in the curtain. While they make sex, she masturbating herself. She try to have orgasm at the same time as her brother! Sometime when brother was alone at night he masturbate to and Karina was spy for him. She loves to see the sperm out of his penis. She told her dirty secret. She was so hot by seeing them have sex, that if her brother wanted to, she would let him take her virginity. She wanted her virgin pussy to be filled the sperm from his big cock. She told that is dreams only. She will never to do this. But now  she can  feeling man’s penis inside her little pussy becouse her hymen allready broken. You can see her hymen rupture action on HQ Digital Widescreen pictures and on HQ Video to! Click on the image to view some Karina’s defloration pictures
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