Vivien PiafMany virgins have passed through a photo studio of Sergey Afanasev (Defloration TV), many of them lost virginity right before objectives of the cameras, some virgins with pleasure or shame bared their virgin delights, showing the intact hymen close up, others simply posed bared not allowing to see more than they wished to show – but the most important thing, that does not stop on reached, their agents search for innocent girls worldwide, trying to involve them to erotic shootings and making defloration video, so we will enjoy by photos of naked virgins for a long time, their perfect intact hymens, and also the fantastic moments of losing of virginity (act of defloration).
Here is one of new models from – perfect and young virgin Vivien Piaf. 18 years old girl poses naked and slightly being confused shows beauty of the innocent maiden body and of course her tender untouched hymen close up. On these photos Vivien is still innocent, but it does not mean that she has left a photo of studio and her hymen remained virgin. It was last day before defloration. Read the rest of this entry »

hanna and ricardo
Hanna and Ricardo.
This girl is 20 years old only. Hanna living in Prague. Very beautiful virgin girl with greater sensual eyes and a beautiful body. Hanna has a small secret. She lost her virginity in 18 years, with the former guy. But she told that her hymen was restored. She just have a new boy. She just tell him that her hymen still virgin and he believes. (In studio her hymen was verified).  They are going to get married in the near future. Therefore they have decided to film the act of defloration on video. They wished to remember this day for all life. But first Hanna asked the photographer to make some photos of her virgin hymen close up. Only after that shooting of defloration has begun. After Ricardo has inserted the penis into her vagina Hanna has shuddered a little, but has not stopped it. Around vagina there was a virgin blood. Hanna has reached orgasm more quickly, but Ricardo did not stop until from his penis sperm has not scattered.  The operator masterful filmed this act of defloration on video. So we have new pictures and video of broken hymen. At the Defloration TV you can see full movie in High Definition quality of Hanna’s defloration. And of course many another girls who lose virginity in front of the camera. Defloration TV – This unique place where you can see the real hymen close up, real act of defloration and most beautiful virgin pussy in the net.
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