Hymen PicsLiza Blueberry – new virgin model of Defloration TV studio. She is 18 years old. Young, sexy and very beautiful and what most matter – she is still virgin. Very interesting person who didn’t ready to lose virginity yet but agree posing nude and even agree to show most intimate place to the camera. Yes, you can see not only her young untouched pussy but even her intact hymen close up (her hymen is little scretched becouse she love to masturbate, but it still virgin). She told very interesting story about herself and her first sexual experience with…!
Her hobby is cycling. She was very young when got ride a bike for the first time. Usually people experience loss of balance when riding a bicycle for the first time… Liza got her first orgasm. Not only the clitoris itself is the sensitive part of her virgin vagina. That sensitive part ranges from the clitoris to the entry to her vagina. When she get ride the bike she experienced that unspeakable voluptuous feeling that precedes an orgasm. She went down from a hill over hummocks and didn’t turn the pedals. That incredible feeling rose and frozen her legs, the bottom part of her stomach and buttocks… From the outside it looked like she just can’t ride the bike. Finally she got a very strong orgasm… Read the rest of this entry »

bianka-defloration.jpgFinally it happened, as usually it does with virgins. If you remember, Bianka told that her mom regularly checked her hymen. But the time has come, so Bianka went to the capital city to enter to the college. She called to the Defloration.TV studio and said that now she lives in the college’s dormitory and if they have some job for her, she would be glad to became an erotic model again. No one didn’t expected that she is still a virgin! She didn’t lose virginity untill this time. Great!
Of course, the shooting was appointed just on the next day, because every  one know what used to happen with such innocent virgins in college dormitories. I will not tell how they persuaded her to lose virginity with a professional porn actor. I just say that they managed to do it! Her young and timid body was gaven up to a professional fucker! Well, we are proud to present new photos where captured the moment when Bianka Golden has lost her virginity! Yes – Bianka’s hymen was broken right before camera, and you can see her hymen defloration scene right now.

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Ready to hymen breakHi dude! Let me introduce new model from Defloration TV – Agnessa Tress, 18 years old teen who agreed to how her most intime place – her hymen to you, teen girl who ready to break hymen before camera and will let to tape this defloration action on video. Agnessa Tress if from Hungary, she looks like professional model, her body is very hot, she have very firm big tits and very long sexy legs, but most interesting that her hymen still intact – how it possible, where the looks guys from her local area? When I get her promo pictures I didn’t belived that so sexy teen girl can be virgin still, how her hymen can stay intact if every man on the street looking  at her getting hardest erection? But now I know that her virginity is true. Even when I have entered to her page at Defloration TV I still didn’t belived  that this is true. Inside the Defloration TV site I watched the movie with her hymen examination – that true hymen is untouched. Great. There is my strongly recomendation to watch the Agnessa Tress video and pictures when she shows her nude firm body and of course her hymen to the camera. From the site owner I know that Agnessa ready to break hymen before camera. So very soon we will watch her defloration video there. There is some Agnessa Tress nude gallries below, but if you want see her full pictures collection include her masturbation video and hymen pics – go to the Defloration TV right now.
Gallery #2 – Virgin Teen shows her nude firm body
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Virgin hymen Margarita
Margarita is very unusual person. She difference from another girls she is a lesbian. She told very interesting story about her and her girlfriend sexual life. Margarita is 19 year old she is from Spain and still virgin. Once she back to home with her girlfriend. They was together in the house only. And they try to kiss for first time. They kissed once, twice and stay kissing until her pussy getting wet. She touch panties of her girlfriend and undertood that her pussy was juicy to. It was a new and very strong feeling for Margarita! She felt a vibration all of her body. Both girl start play with they litle clits and virgin pussy. After 10 minutes  both girls had very strong orgasms! Some time passed. During this time girls was happy and making love again many times.  There are no men in their sexual lives! Her girl friend is also still a virgin. She told that the best sexual feeling for her, was when her girlfriend leak her hymen with her tongue. Margarita want to use a dildo for deep masturbation. But she would not lose  virginity with a boy, she want make love with this girl only. The girls decide to break they hymens before camera and also earn some money! Margarita allow to the photographer make a few pictures of her untouched hymen. She was play with her wet virgin pussy, touch her puffed pussylips and hymen before camera. She did not lose her virginity yet. She want her cherry being popped with her girlfriend only.  At this time her girlfriend is on holiday in Italy, but after few week she back and their lesbian act of defloration will captured by professional on video! So will wait.
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This 18 years old girl Gita. When she came in studio it was great every one in studio fill a fresh breeze. Her light dress embose her girls figure and her tiny tits. Gita was still virgin. She just want to make her naked photo seccion without any action at first. We had talking about two hours and she became more loyalty and agry to break her hymen before camera. We give her some videos of girls we taped earlier, to show her how she can do it. After seeng video her pussy was juicy flavored and she started to play with her pussy before our hungry look. We was just watching. The pussy lips simulation made her horny and ready for it. Time is came, she break her hymen without any help by her nice fingers. She told that she feel a some of pain. But she did’t stoped and we make perfect photos and videos of her virgin pussy and how she deflorate herself. Visit this gallery to view Gita’s Defloration.
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