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Ready to hymen breakHi dude! Let me introduce new model from Defloration TV – Agnessa Tress, 18 years old teen who agreed to how her most intime place – her hymen to you, teen girl who ready to break hymen before camera and will let to tape this defloration action on video. Agnessa Tress if from Hungary, she looks like professional model, her body is very hot, she have very firm big tits and very long sexy legs, but most interesting that her hymen still intact – how it possible, where the looks guys from her local area? When I get her promo pictures I didn’t belived that so sexy teen girl can be virgin still, how her hymen can stay intact if every man on the street looking  at her getting hardest erection? But now I know that her virginity is true. Even when I have entered to her page at Defloration TV I still didn’t belived  that this is true. Inside the Defloration TV site I watched the movie with her hymen examination – that true hymen is untouched. Great. There is my strongly recomendation to watch the Agnessa Tress video and pictures when she shows her nude firm body and of course her hymen to the camera. From the site owner I know that Agnessa ready to break hymen before camera. So very soon we will watch her defloration video there. There is some Agnessa Tress nude gallries below, but if you want see her full pictures collection include her masturbation video and hymen pics – go to the Defloration TV right now.
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 It was in August of this year when the Defloration TV site posted her nude pictures for first time. Of course you are remember this virgin girl with the pierced clitoris. Terezie – one of my lovely teen girls wich hymen was broken for Defloration TV subscribers – all of them can see video with her hymen defloration on it. I just found some galleries with this pretty virgin teen on my hard drive that is why I post this pictures here. This galleries was shooted after her act of defloration, and she can use the dildo and masturbate as she want without care about her intact hymen – its broken already. I thins Terezie is happy that her hymen was broken – now she is true woman and can real sex with boys and girls like real woman, just look at this pictures and understood this. Pictures and videos with her defloration and where she shows her hymen close up you can download in the members area. But if you are not ready to watch real act of defloration – visit the galleries below to watch some nude Terezie pictures. I hope you know what you need to do when you watching defloration porn. Good luck.  Next time i will post the pictures of new virgin girl Agnessa Tress – new Defloration TV model with great body and, what is most matter her hymen is intact still. Just wait, or join the Defloration TV right now.
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Alice AngelAlice Angel. This young looking teen girl – new virgin model of Defloration TV. It’s dificult to describe this pretty one. She looks like a real Angel. I have just few word – young body, teen tits and very nice plump pussy with some secret inside (teen hymen). Look at the lighting in her big green eyes. Alice came to the Defloration TV studio to make some nude pictures for the portfolio. But then she agreed posing nude before camera. As you know in this studio made pictures virgin girls only and Alice teen hymen was checked for virginity too. Checking of her virginity was videotaped (every girl at the Defloration TV are virgin when they make first nude photo session and every hymen have to be verified by stuff). Unfortunately Alice don’t want to break her teen hymen at this time but she agree posing nude and show everything she have. Alice Angel was a litle confused when she take of her dress before few men but very soon she relaksed an start working like a professional model. She looks happy while cameraman shooting her. Few sets of her pictures was made outdoor, Alice showing her virgin pussy and posing at terracce. After that photographer ask her to show her teen hymen and she did it with no shame at all. Of course he take some pictures of hymen close up. Alice was very funny during this session. She played with her virgin pussy, tiny tits and touched her teen hymen by the finger.

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Cherry hymenHi. Look at this young model. Eva. I love this petite girl from the time when i saw her nude pictures and pictures of her cherry hymen for first time, its so beutiful. I hope you like she too. If you surf some porn sites you saw already her nude pictures there. But you have to now that her porn history was started at Defloration TV few years ago when she came to the studio to make her portfolio. She was 18 years old only when her cherry hymen was broken before camera. It was her first sexual experience. Eva was very shy girl and absolytelly virgin.As usual Eva’s hymen was examined for virginity – cherry hymen was intact. She was too refused when she take off her panties before working camera. Cameraman take hundreds nude pictures when she posing and many pictures of her virgin cherry close up. From this action Eva got too wet and agree to make defloration in front of the camera. She break her hymen by little dildo, inserting into the pussy very gentle and slowly. Not too much hymen blood was from that and she did not feel any pain as ususal, Eva continued to move the dildo in her pussy untill got very reach orgasm. Thats story. It was wonderfull action. Her cherry hymen pictures and defloration movie was made and posted at Defloration TV in 2004 year. From that time administration of Defloration TV got tons of messages from members to make update for this perfect girl. And Eva was invited for new photosession.

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