Blonde Virgin Natasha Tutu

One more girl in the Defloration TV studio. Meet young blonde virgin Natasha Tutu. She is 18 only and her vagina is virgin still. Despite her cherry still untouched Natasha has some sex experience and knows well how is the feel tongue between her pink pussy lips. All her boyfriends always want to take her virginity but all that they got is blowjob, handjob. Sometime Natasha allows them lick her warm pussy. Nothing more. She wasn’t ready for sex but everytime this gorgeous teen was home alone she dreamt about hard rod inside while her fingers were cares her clit and wet virgin vagina. Now Natasha realize that daily masturbation isn’t enough anymore for her virgin but eager vagina, she needs something bigger and harder. Natasha is little scared of pain but she ready for defloration now. This is last moments you can see her virgin, so hurry up to watch her photos, where she shows her virgin delight for last time, her intact hymen in very high resolution. Read the rest of this entry »

Intact hymenHi again! In the last post i had promise to tell you about new Defloration TV model Melinda Kiszner! Voila. Meet this beautifull virgin at our blog. Melinda just turned 18 years. She is true virgin girl. And as you can see Melinda is first model who have a little hairy virgin pussy. She is very pretty and so funny girl, i hope you will love her, becouse she have everything what we need – young body, untouched hymen and desire to pose nude for us. She have very beautifull body, her young tits just right for it, full with no sag. Her plump pussy have a little trimmed brown hair, not shaved. Melinda agreed to pose nude for the camera. Before session was started her virgin hymen was verified. It was pure virgin. And the photographer made hundreds of her nude pictures. Of course she allow to make pictures of her hymen close up. I don’t know how you, but i have very strong erection when her pink pussy lips fill my large monitor. I can look at her intact hymen by hours – its wonderfull. During the photo session Melinda was not deflowered. At this time we will not see her act of defloration. She was not agree to lose her virginity right now. But you can see how Melinda playing with her young tits and pussy. First she masturbate with her fingers than she take a little dildo and start playing with it. Melinda insert the dildo into virgin pussy but not too deep to did not break the hymen.

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intact hymenNew virgin girl Alexandra.
Alexandra is just 18 y.o. This young virgin Defloration TV model is from Russia. She is very young and pretty. Yes! Her hymen is virgin still! Alexandra is not ready to lose her virginity yet, but with pleasure has agreed to pose naked in front of the camera. Before starting her hymen was verified, it was a little scratched by the fingers or something more but hymen was realy virgin. She told that she love to play with her virgin pussy by her finger and shows how she did it. When she spread her young pussy lips wide you can see her untouched hymen and Alexandra has allowed to photograph her intact hymen close up. Fantastic intact hymen pictures and Alexandra’s masturbation video was made. She has promised, that when she will decide to break the hymen, she will make it before an objective of the camera. Well, we will wait. And now you can visit Defloration TV and find there huge quantity defloration video and photo materials, Hundreds of virgin pussy, hymen photo and defloration movies. This is one and only site in the web with real act of defloration.
In many cultures untouched hymen is more than womans beautifull eyes, her nice smile, or her strong personality that makes the woman a desirable bride. It is instead the presence of a women’s hymen, something which can affect her marriage prospects, her family’s reputation, and even her very life. For such women hymen repair surgery may actually provide an escape from many social troubles. What is hymen you are know allready. Biologicaly function of the women hymen is uncertain; many scientists hypothesize  hymen protects the vagina from infection in infants. The social function of the hymen is a mythical sign of virginity in some cultures. Upon first intercourse, a woman’s hymen ruptures and bleeds. The showing of a bloody sheet is highly celebrated in some cultures because it shows the purity of a woman and the virility of a man.
In these eastern societies, the virginity is valued for many reason – religious, social, economic etc. Example, the Koran (muslim holy book), says that the bride must be a virgin. In Chineze culture, the woman’s virginity determines the amount of betrothal gifts. The innocence of the hymen is very important for families of prestige who try to keep the family lineage non-contaminated.

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hymen close upNew Defloration TV’s model, Monika!
This young virgin is 18 years old. Monica is from Budapest. Monica has a boyfriend but she still virgin. She not ready to lose her virginity now. In iterview Monica told that she love to masturbate by her finger when she stay home alone. She love to play with clitoris but never insert the fingers or something inside her virgin pussy she afraid to break her hymen by it. She had oral sex experience with boyfriend only. Monica allow him to leak her clitoris and innocent pussy and she had blow up his young erected penis. Together thay had make amateur pictures of her pussy and untouched hymen by camera in her phone. And now Monica decide to make professional nude photosession. She allow to shoot everything – her young tits, plump virgin pussy and of course her untouched hymen. Her masturbation was videotaped too, no defloration, sorry.  I think you will love how the photographer captured her innocence. In member area added new pictures very big format of Monica’s hymen close-up. HD video included too. So will waitig for new hymen and defloration pictures and video.
Vera's hymenOne more virgin girl Vera. Interresting story about this young lady. About year Vera had working for the owner of Defloration TV studio as make-up artist. She had work with every model on this site and saw all their hymen and defloration procedure. And now she surprised photographer by telling that her pussy is a virgin and she never had sexual contact with a man. Its some strange because Vera is 26 years old she is beautifull and has a very firm body. No one can belive that her hymen is untouched yet. Then Vera told that she have sex with girsl only and never uses a dildo. She prefer oral sex with girls. Of course virginity was verified immediately. Her hymen was little scretched by finders but absolutely virgin. She offered to let take some nude pictures of her. She agreed posing nude, she let make great pictures and video of her pussy. When girl open the pussy lips you can see her virgin hymen. She agree also to masturbate before camera. She make it very tender to not break her hymen. Nice pictures of Vera’s hymen close up you can find at the Defloration TV. Unfortunately no defloration was made. So Vera still virgin, may be some one of us breack her hymen in future. Umm… Lucky Boy.
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